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Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 in Depth Review

Having a convertible vacuum cleaner can be very satisfying, especially if you want to do general cleaning in the house. If you want a cleaner that can easily help you clean your floor and carpet as well as the upholstery and other areas off the floor, then a ‘convertible’ unit would be the perfect pick for you. Shark Navigator NV352Lift-Away is one type of a ‘convertible’ vacuum cleaner. If you have been buying vacuum cleaners before, you might have come across Shark Navigator Vacuum reviews, and how reliable the brand is.

Here is a detailed Shark NV352 review to let you know if it is the right pick for you or not:

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 in Depth ReviewShark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 in Depth Review

The Lift-Away NV352 is an upright vacuum cleaner from Shark, which can be used as both an upright cleaner and a canister cleaner. You can lift away the body and use the unit as a canister vacuum when you want to clean areas that are off the floor. In other words, this cleaner allows you to clean the upholstery and stairs without any problem.

Furthermore, the vacuum can be used inside the vehicle to clean the upholstery. The best part is that it comes with at a friendly price, hence making it a reliable unit if you are on a tight budget.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 - Features and Benefits Reviews

  • Size and Weight

This might not be considered as a compact vacuum cleaner because it comes with somewhat big design. With such a design, you can be confident of having a machine that serves you well if you have a large house. Unfortunately, it might not get under low-profile sofas easily.

Specifically, this machine measures 15 by 11.4 by 45.5 inches, which means that it comes with a long handle. The cleaning head is also long enough, and it might not easily fit under the sofa and other low-profile furniture.

It weighs 12.5 pounds, which isn’t too heavy to carry around. Plus, it can lift away to let you use the canister alone, which is lighter without the cleaning head.

  • Multi-Surface Cleaning

If you have a cleaner that can easily work on a different surface, you’ll be sure of a reliable machine that performs decently. However, that depends on the number of attachments that are on the cleaner to let you clean different surfaces.

The fact that you can detach the top section to use as a canister cleaner means that you can easily clean your floors, stairs, upholstery, as well as car upholstery.

  • Suction Power

The suction of any vacuum cleaner determines if it will clean your floors reliably or not. The suction power will determine the ability of the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt off the floor. That is why it is important to find a cleaner with good suction power.

We have to acknowledge that this cleaner comes with strong suction to give you amazing work on your floor or carpet. Powered by a 1200-watt motor, this unit assures you of a strong suction power that can suck up just about any dirt or debris.

Regardless of the type of dirt that might be in your house, this cleaning master will suck it away with perfection. Another thing to love the suction power of this unit is that it is adjustable. This way, you can adjust it according to the surface or the level of dirt.

  • Swivel Design

You will enjoy the swivel steering on this unit, which allows you to maneuver easily across the floors in the house. Most people out there want a model that will give them an easy time when controlling it. Luckily, this one offers a nice swivel steering for easy control.

Since it will offer you proper handling, you will clean fast and with perfection. In other words, you will rarely miss a spot when using this machine. The swivel steering will maneuver easily across the floors. This will then allow you to cut through around furniture and other obstacles.

  • Power Cord Length

So, this machine is not a wireless unit, which means that it comes with a power cord. Now, that might make you think that the cleaner will limit your movement across the floor. However, that isn’t the case. Instead, you can enjoy working with an extra-long power cord that lets you move around the room with ease.

This also means that you can easily clean a large section of the floor without the need for changing the power outlet. Specifically, this one comes with a 25ft power chord that is long enough.

The only drawback about this long power cord is that it doesn’t have the auto-rewind feature. In this case, you will have to roll the cord once you are done cleaning with the vacuum. This might be too tedious to some users, especially when you are storing the vacuum away.

  • Filter

For most of the people that are looking for a vacuum cleaner, the filter is one of the features that they will consider. Since you will be using the vacuum severally, it is important to consider the filter that is on it.

Well, this one comes with the innovative HEPA filtration system, which is one of the most recommended filtration systems out there. To break it down to you, a HEPA filtration system helps to trap the allergens inside and prevent them from escaping back into the air. This makes the Shark Navigator Lift-Away a great choice for anyone with a dust allergy.

Most of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 reviews out there have acknowledged the reliability of this cleaner in terms of its filters. The vac comes with two filters that make the filtration process more reliable. The first filter is the foam filter, which helps to protect the motor from the large particles. And the other one is the HEPA filter that traps the additional dust particles and debris. No dust particle will find its way back into the air once it is trapped inside the HEPA filter.

  • Filter Clean Up

Besides this vacuum having two filters for better cleaning and filtration, it also allows you to clean up the filters with ease. First off, the foam filter is washable, which you should wash once every two or three months to enhance its functionality. This also means that you don’t have to purchase a new filter since the one onboard is easily washable.

Plus, the HEPA filter is easy to wash. All you have to do is use running water, and you will be good to go. Ideally, don’t put the filter in the washing machine as that would ruin its condition.

  • Versatility

Another incredible feature to love about the vacuum cleaner is its versatility. Since you can detach the canister from the bottom part, it lets you carry it around as a sole canister. Once you detach the unit, you can use it to reach anywhere around the house, even allowing you to clean the hard-to-reach spots.

Even when you want to clean the narrow spaces the area around a steep staircase, this vacuum will help you do that with ease.

  • Bagless Dustbin

The vacuum cleaner is also bagless, which is another amazing feature about it. With a bagless cleaner, you won’t have to worry about working with bags that might need replacing or a lot of cleaning. Furthermore, there is no need to purchase any new dirtbags too often. All you will have is a dustbin that is easy to remove whenever it is full. Emptying the dustbin is quick and easy. Most of the Shark Navigator Lift Away reviews out there have stated how efficient it is with its bagless dustbin.

  • Ease of Use

Getting started with this cleaner is very easy. First off, you will have to install it, which is quick and easy as well. Most of the parts come pre-installed. Even installing the remaining attachments is easy. Luckily, there is a user manual that is easy to follow.

In general, using this vacuum cleaner is very easy. Even a first-timer will have an easy time when working with this machine.

Who Should Buy Shark NV352?

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 in Depth ReviewShark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 in Depth Review

According to most Shark Navigator reviews, the brand is known to deliver top-notch products for cleaning around the house. With this one, it would suit anyone living in a house that needs plenty of cleaning other than working on the floors and carpet. It comes with a friendly price tag that won’t force you to break the bank.

What We Loved

  • Detachable unit (2-in-1)
  • Bagless dustbin
  • A decent size dust cup
  • Comes with two filters, including HEPA filtration
  • It isn’t noisy compared to other upright vacuums
  • It is lightweight compared to other upright units
  • It features a pet hair tool
  • The motorized brush can be turned off to prevent fragile surfaces
  • Long power cord
  • It comes at an affordable price

What Could Be Better

  • Doesn’t feature LED headlight
  • No controls on the handle

Final Verdict

If you compare the Shark Lift Away reviews out there, you can conclude that this cleaner is one of the best out there. It has plenty of features to facilitate your cleaning experience around the house. The cleaner can be used as a canister or an upright cleaner, hence making it a unit worth investing in.

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