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Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 Vacuum Reviews – (2022 Updated)

Bagless vacuums are extensively gaining acceptance across the globe but they still have one major limitation – exposure to allergens. Most bagless models have the tendency of exposing users to allergens when emptying the tank. Sure, a few bagless units like the Electrolux Precision EL8811A are equipped with a cyclone suction technology that thwarts such occurrences, but most others aren’t suitable for persons suffering from allergic rhinitis.

Since allergy sufferers want a completely hypoallergenic environment at their home, bagged models would be the right option. And this is where Kenmore elite vacuum 31150 reviews come into play. The 31150 Elite produced by Kenmore is one of the best bagged upright vacuums whose HEPA filtered cleaners prevent you from getting exposed to allergy-inducing dust.

A lot of Kenmore elite 31150 reviews on the web have rated the Elite 31150 as an exception due to its excellent features. It’s one of the few upright vacuums on the market with little to no competition. This upright bagged vacuum has a stylish design and excellent functions which make it stand out from the rest – but it still has a few drawbacks.

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 Vacuum Reviews – (2022 Updated)Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 Vacuum Reviews – (2022 Updated)

Are you looking for the best bagged upright vacuum that can get rid of pet hair, dust, and allergies on both floors and elevated surfaces? If yes, then Kenmore elite 31150 is the right model that is suitable for people who are allergic to pet hair and dust. It combines great suction capabilities with the best HEPA triple-layer air filter system which is certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAA).

The vacuum guarantees powerful pet hair pickup using a special tool known as the Pet HandiMate. The Pet HandiMate consists of an air-driven turbine for spinning the roller brush to high RPMs. It effortlessly eliminates embedded pet hair, dander and similar debris from cars, stairs, furniture, etc.

Apart from being a little bulky and maneuverability is imperfect, Kenmore Elite 31150 cleans literally everything on its path without any problem. It is an excellent unit which will take your indoor air environment a step closer to being allergen-free. You can easily control it with one hand, and the Pet HandiMate hose and wand attachment facilitates the removal of pet dander and fur off furniture and car upholstery.

This corded, bagged upright vacuum is not only suitable for pet guardians and individuals prone to asthma and allergies, but also ideal for anyone who needs to clean all floor types including hardwood, laminate, and pile carpets. It has setting for multiple surfaces, and customers find the suction to be extremely powerful. What’s more, high-quality disposable vacuum bags provide easy dirt disposal and protect exhaust HEPA air filter and motor pre-filter.

Below, we’re going to explore a variety of features making this bagged upright vacuum one of the best among the lot.

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 - Features & Specifications Reviews

  • AAA-Certified Triple HEPA Filter System 

Kenmore elite 31150 is ideal for allergy sufferers courtesy of the AAA-certified triple HEPA filter system which lets you breathe easy indoors. This enhanced HEPA filter system is designed to capture and retain up to 99.97% of debris, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens within the vacuum cleaner.

The true HEPA helps filter out maximum debris down to 0.3 microns or larger from the air and reduces allergy-induced pollutants in the room. It practically exhausts the clean air so you can breathe with ease. The 3 air filtration layers include the following:

a.  Disposable true HEPA vacuum dirt bags

These are Kenmore-specific type 0 vacuum bags which have excellent filtration capacities and are simple to replace. They’re among the most expensive dirt bags on the market. Nevertheless, their impeccable filtering capability justifies their costly price tag.

b.  Motor safety filter

The motor safety filter is a washable filter whose task is to protect the main motor. It needs to be regularly cleaned with warm water and mild detergent, such as dishwashing soap. After washing, be sure the filter is completely dry before returning it back into the unit.

c.  HEPA media exhaust filter

Kenmore HEPA media exhaust filter can effectively extract 99.97% of allergens and pollutants (down to 0.3 microns) from the airflow. It’s intended to filter out a wide array of allergens and pollutants, including mold, pollen, germs and other particles. These are common substances that can trigger a lot of health problems like allergies and asthma.

The HEPA media exhaust filter is not washable and replacement must be done periodically. OEM vacuum dirt bags extend the longevity of HEPA media exhaust filter as they sieve out loose particles which can decrease the filtering capabilities of this filter. Overall, Kenmore Elite 31150 combines the disposable HEPA vacuum bags, motor safety filter and HEPA exhaust filter to exhaust purified air back into the cleaned room.

  • Strong Suction 

Kenmore Elite 31150 tackles tasks easily with incredible suction power. It uses a 12-Amps 3D Induced Motor to provide up to 20% more power than similar Kenmore upright vacuums. This motor incorporates Kenmore’s exclusive Power Flow Technology to prevent a drop in suction or performance even when the bag gets almost full.  

As the bag accumulates the dirt, the Power Flow Design serves to maintain the suction until it is almost filled to the brim. The 3D Inducer Motor delivers powerful beltless suction by combining the power of three motors to give you more air power than a standard upright vacuum motor.

Kenmore engineers were able to achieve the beltless design by positioning the motor beside the beater bar. Since there is no belt here, it means one less part to be concerned about breaking, and the life expectancy of the vacuum is prolonged. Ultimately, this also cuts down on maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

The Beltless Direct Drive System in the main cleaner head comprises a brush roll or agitator powered directly by two in-built electric motors. With a combination of two motors and powerful flow technology, you can rest assured no pet hair and debris can stand any chance. At full power, the suction power is so strong that it can be difficult to push the vacuum cleaner forward on shag carpet as it tries to suck in the carpet. 

The stiff bristles help agitate and remove the dirt on shag carpet. With the on/off switch for the brush roll, it is fully capable of cleaning the bare floor, since you can turn off the brush roll to prevent the bristles from scratching the floor or flinging debris around. More importantly, the Check Bag Indicator helps you monitor the vacuum to see if the dirt bag is full or there is a clog in the unit.

  • Infrared Dirt Sensor

For efficient cleaning power, Kenmore Elite 31150 helps you see the dirt even in low-light conditions. It comes installed with the Infrared Dirt Sensor whose function is to activate the LED headlights so that you can track down hard-to-see dirt and dust.

The LEDs enable you to focus your cleaning power on places with huge dirt buildup. To help with cleaning, the infrared dirt sensor in the air flow tells you when dirty air passes into the unit. It also warns you if the floors are still dirty.

With this excellent feature, it is pretty easy to spot dirt in poorly lit areas like under the sofas, furniture, beds, and more. Most importantly, the LED headlights will turn off when the floor is clean, so you can rest assured no stone is left unturned.

  • 5-Position Height Adjustment Settings

Kenmore Elite 31150 is one of the best corded bagged upright vacuums offering powerful cleaning for multiple surfaces. The main cleaning head features 5-position manual height adjustment settings for optimum airflow and vigorous cleaning of bare floors, plush pile carpeting, rugs, and so much more. The 5-position height adjustment system consists of the following:

  1. Hi – Ideal for shag rugs, scatter rugs or deep pile rugs
  2. Med Hi – Ideal for medium to high pile carpeting
  3. I – Ideal for medium pile carpeting
  4. Med Lo – Great for low to medium pile carpeting
  5. Lo – Suitable for bare floors and low pile carpeting

Another useful thing about the Elite 31150 is that power setting controls are conveniently located on the handle. These include:

  • Off – This setting is used to switch OFF the suction and brush roll motors
  • Floor – This setting is used to turn ON only the suction motor in order to clean sensitive bare floors. The brush roll doesn’t spin when this setting is on.
  • Carpet – This setting helps switch ON the suction and brush roll motors. It is great for rugs and carpets that aren’t compromised by this kind of cleaning. Always vacuum sensitive carpets using the ‘Floor’ power setting to prevent the likelihood of damage.

Caution: Even while the Elite 31150 is easy to use, be sure to thoroughly read and understand the instructions manual before using any control.

  • Extra Long Power Cord

The Elite 31150 is among the leading corded bagged uprights with extra long cord. It features a 35-ft extra long vacuum cord which helps you cover more area and vacuum large area rooms with great convenience.

Furthermore, the unit combines the 35-feet (10.7 m) long power cord with 12.75 inches (32.4 cm) cleaning width. It makes it easier to quickly clean a sizeable space and get rid of allergy-induced pollutants, pesky pet hair, dander, dirt, and much more.

Even though the power cord is long enough to cover a bigger space, the vacuum lacks the automatic power cord rewind system. This means that users will have to manually wrap the cord around the designated power cord hooks, which can be tiresome and time-consuming. You might want to consider another upright unit with an automatic cord rewind if you hate the idea of manually rewinding the cords.

  • Safety

Kenmore Elite 31150 comes standard with safety features which safeguard the unit against damage due to overheating. There is built-in thermal protection for the primary motor as well as the brush roll or agitator motors. In the event the unit gets clogged and the air flow drops, the device automatically decreases the cooling capacity of the motors.

On the same note, built-in thermal protection function switches the motors off when their temperatures increase to certain unwanted levels to prevent damage. When the motors are automatically shut off, users are advised to turn off the whole unit and unplug it from the wall socket. Allow it about 10-15 minutes to fully cool down, and then find the clog and remove it.

Also available with the Elite 31150 is what is called the By-Pass Valve. The main function of the By-Pass Valve is to prevent the primary motor from overheating and damage when the air flow drops. Upon noticing a decrease in air flow, the By-Pass Valve opens up to allow more air flow through the motor hence increasing the cooling.

Two things happen when the By-Pass Valve opens: the suction decreases and the sound changes. Another factor that may trigger the By-Pass Valve to open up is when using certain attachments which may decrease the air flow. When this happens, you’ll need to adjust the air flow using the suction control function – but avoid the temptation of blocking the By-Pass Valve at all costs!

  • Cleaning Convenience

Nothing’s out of reach as far as the Kenmore Elite 31150 is concerned. It is equipped with the reach-out telescoping wand which helps you clean up places you normally couldn’t reach. The telescoping wand helps extend the reach of cleaning attachments so that you can clean ceiling fans and other above-floor spaces without using a ladder.

The extension feature also helps you reach into corners and under furniture without any stress. The reach-out telescoping wand comes as standard with various attachments which offer a powerful and convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach surfaces. These accessories include:

Flexible Cleaning Hose – Facilitates easy and quick cleanup of elevated surfaces using the telescoping wand and attachments.

Crevice Tool – This is designed for cleaning tight areas and narrow gaps, such as along the edges and corners or between cushions and seats.

Brush/Upholstery Tool Combo – The combination brush is a 2-in-1 cleaning tool that can be used with or without the brush. When used without brush, the suction is increased, which helps to clean up stairs, cushions and related surfaces. When used with the brush, the suction is decreased making it suitable for cleaning gentle surfaces like drapes.

Pet HandiMate – This ingenious mini-motorized tool has a rotating brush which helps to scour and remove pet and human hair, fibers, lint, and similar dirt from different surfaces. You can use it for deep and thorough cleaning of carpets, furniture, stairs, and more. Occasional cleaning and maintenance is necessary because the Pet HandiMate is not of tangle-free design. You can quickly remove hair and lint using scissors.

With these set of tools, Kenmore Elite 31150 can practically clean up all surfaces commonly found in most households. Better yet, all attachments have an onboard storage for ease of access. You’ll be able to organize your cleaning accessories neatly depending on the job at hand.

Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 Vacuum Reviews – (2022 Updated)Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 Vacuum Reviews – (2022 Updated)

What We Loved

  • Extremely powerful suction
  • Great build quality and aesthetics
  • Quiet operation
  • Ability to clean a wide variety of surfaces
  • High-quality AAA-certified triple HEPA filter system
  • Height adjustment settings on the headBest price-to-value ratio
  • Best price-to-value ratio

What Could Be Better

  • Heavier than most upright vacuums on the market
  • No swivel steering or cord rewind
  • Very short warranty period
  • Costs of bags replacement add up over time


Kenmore Elite 31150 is a great and sturdy bagged upright vacuum designed for cleaning large floors and elevated surfaces. But, beware that it has its fair share of limitations. One of the biggest complaints by consumers is the weight. This corded bagged upright vacuum tips the scale at 20 pounds, and can be somewhat problematic if you need to lift or carry it up the stairs.

Older people and those who have insufficient upper body strength will particularly find it cumbersome to carry it around. If you don’t have enough energy to carry something this heavy around, we suggest going for something a bit lighter, such as a Hoover Air Cordless vacuum or any other lighter model out there. A lightweight vacuum is easy to use on a tall flight of stairs.

We were also disappointed to learn about the short 1 year warranty offered by Kenmore. Factoring in the price and competition, we think that Kenmore should have provided at least 5 years of warranty. Most competing brands like Dyson and Shark are offering 5-year warranties for their upright vacuums.

Overall though, it’d be hard for us not to recommend the Kenmore Elite 31150 for people who are allergic to pet hair, dander and other allergens. This upright vacuum has a great air filtration system which leaves indoor air clean and fresh. It’s also perfect for homes with wall to wall carpet, because it combines great suction power with good agitation to deep clean even shaggy carpets.

If you need the best corded, upright bagged vacuum with an excellent cleaning hose, telescoping wand and several other cleaning tools onboard, then rest assured Kenmore Elite 31150 is a solid purchase. Not only is it of high quality but it is also cost-effective and easy to handle, too.  You can read more Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 Reviews and customer observations for more insights before swinging into the bandwagon.

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