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How to Use Dyson Vacuum & Its Attachments

A vacuum cleaner loaded with amazing tech fixtures and accessories can be a life saver. However, a good number of homeowners have no idea how to use all of them. If you ask any Dyson vacuum cleaner owner how to use all of the vacuum attachments onboard with the unit, they’ll likely tell you only how to use 3 or 4 basic accessories.

Most of them aren’t aware how to utilize all of them. Understandably, Dyson manufacturer is somehow to blame, since every one of their models is packed with too many accessories which can be confusing to use. In our post today, we shall learn how to use Dyson vacuum attachments to get the most out of your equipment.

How to Use Dyson Vacuum Attachments the Right Way

A standard Dyson vacuum cleaner model comes with a set of versatile accessories for different cleaning purposes. In order to get the most of every vacuuming session, understanding how to use each Dyson attachment is extremely vital. Let’s take a look at how to use the following standard (and optional) Dyson attachments.

  • Crevice Tool

Highlighting an angled tip and skinny shape, the crevice tool is able to squeeze into tight spots with little to no hassle. You can use this equipment to clean such narrow places as between sofa cushions, along baseboards, around vents and radiators, corners, and so much more.

As streamlined as it is, the crevice tool can be used to rid the dirt from refrigerator coils so that it can provide the optimum cooling. Since this tool also sports a narrow nozzle, it can fit into hard-to-reach spaces, and is useful when it comes to getting the lint out of the inner workings of your dryer.

  • Upholstery Tool

 Also known as upholstery attachment, this one bears a close resemblance with the vacuum brush in design. It is a relatively wide attachment consisting of long and brittle bristles for cleaning carpets.

It also features a felted fabric surface making it ideal for cleaning delicate fabric surfaces like couches, mattresses, chairs, and drapes. Some upholstery tools come with a lint-catching fabric strip whose role is to remove lint, fur, and other stains from furniture.

  • Dusting Brush

A dusting brush is common on all Dyson vacuum cleaner models. This equipment sports a rounded brush head with long, soft bristles that allow for effortless cleaning of blinds, windowsills, lampshades, and bookcases.

A dusting brush attachment is effective at picking up dirt and debris without scraping surfaces or causing any other damage. Most Dyson upright vacuums have a variable suction, which makes them ideal for delicate tasks like cleaning around kick-knacks.

  • Extension Wand

An extension wand is a common attachment included with Dyson canister vacuums. Purposely, this is intended to afford more reach when cleaning ceilings and difficult-to-reach corners.

You can use this tool for cleaning the dirt that’s hidden deep behind or underneath appliances like refrigerators, or link other attachments with it for extra reach. If you link the wand to other attachments, it can even be useful in retrieving lightweight items dropped in hard-to-reach spots.

  • Direct-Drive Cleaner Head

The Direct-Drive cleaner head is a Dyson vacuum attachment that gets used by owners more often than not. It provides super fast oscillations, enough to lift and pull out the dirt and debris embedded into carpets and rugs.

It does a fabulous job in terms of removing caked-on messes, which is chiefly its task. Depending on the model, some Dyson vacuums include different settings for different carpet types, such as berber and shag.

Other Extra Attachments (Optional)

There are certain not-so-common attachments that may come with Dyson vacuum cleaners. Often, Dyson vacuums having mid-to-high price tag come with more features in their respective packages. Canister vacuums are usually more equipped than their uprights counterparts, and you might find the following extra tools:

  • Motorized Brush Head

Otherwise known as the power nozzle, this is a large attachment with a rotary brush roll tasked with deep cleaning carpets and thick rugs. Dyson vacuums with a powered brush roll execute the excellent results when it comes to cleaning carpets.

If you are going to use your Dyson vacuum on bare floors, make sure it comes with an ON/OFF function for turning off the rotation. The ability to turn the independent motor on or off allows for getting out embedded dirt on hardwoods or bare floors.

  • Pet Hair Attachment

Not all Dyson vacuums have what is required to pick up after your furry friend. If you’ve got pets at home, insist on getting a model which includes the pet hair tool as a package.

In addition to a pet hair tool for vacuuming your pup’s favorite perch, you might also get a pet grooming attachment for vacuuming your dog. This attachment comes in the form of a comb for grooming a pet, especially those furry friends who don’t freak out on hearing the sound of a vac.

  • Mattress Attachment

Some vacuums come standard with a mattress tool for removing dust and allergens from mattresses, curtains and other beddings. Mattress cleaning attachments may have a unique shape, textured pads or extra width for the job.

You can use the mattress attachment in conjunction with the upholstery tool to deep clean the surface of your mattress. Unlike most other attachments, the mattress tool has the deep cleaning function as well as the ability to sprinkle power inside the mattress to eliminate foul odors that make you uncomfortable at night.

  • Hard Floor Tool

The hard floor attachment is flat and wide in shape. Typically, it features short and stiff bristles which enable it to provide a sweeping action.

It allows for easy and straightforward removal of fine dust and grit as well as dry messes from hardwoods, tiles and bare floors. Equipped with rubberized wheels, the hard floor tool can smoothly glide over the floors without causing any scratches.

  • Stair Tool

A stair tool comes in multiple styles and designs, often having a wide opening towards their end that makes it possible to run across all types of stairs. A stair attachment is designed for effortless maneuvering and cleaning around a stairway.

Most stair cleaners are equipped with an extended hose for cleaning all stairs regardless of their number. This type of attachment is normally available with most upright vacuum cleaners.

Wrapping Up

Learning how to use Dyson vacuum attachments is a sure way to heighten the usefulness of your equipment. Take some time to understand how each of the attachments works so that your cleaning session can be a lot easier and convenient. Our guide on how to use Dyson vacuum is geared toward helping you tap into the versatility of every Dyson vacuum.

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