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How to Remove Roller Brush from Shark Vacuum

Even though vacuums are considered the cleaning workhorse, they too need to be cleaned and maintained once in a while to keep them functioning optimally. One of the vacuum cleaner attachments that calls for frequent cleaning and maintenance is the roller brush. As well all know, the Shark roller brush helps tackle unwanted elements including dust, hair and other minute debris on a variety of floors.  

Over time, the roller brush will have a huge buildup of hair that wraps around it. Too much hair tangled around the roller brush will render it useless since it will no longer be able to spin and pick up hair and debris on the floors. In order to clean up the roller brush, it will first be essential to learn how to remove roller brush from shark rocket vacuum.

How to Remove Roller Brush from Shark Vacuum

Step One: Detach the Shark vacuum from the electric outlet

Of course, the most crucial thing is to prioritize on your safety and that of your appliance before attempting to do anything with your vacuum. So, if your vacuum is plugged in to the power outlet, unplug it from the power source to prevent you from the likelihood of electric shock. According to data from the Electrical Safety Foundation International – which is also backed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics – approximately 43,000 fatalities associated with electrical hazards were reported between the year 2003 and 2010.

This should serve as a reminder each time you are handling any electrical equipment. In that regard, locate the plug of the vacuum and detach it from the outlet for safety purposes. Moreover, unplugging the vacuum from the power source ensures that no electricity is going to damage your vacuum cleaner during the process of removing the roller brush from Shark vacuum.

Step Two: Locate the roller brush

 It is pretty easy to access the Shark roller brush once the plug has been pulled out of the wall socket or similar power source. The roller brush in virtually every Shark upright vacuum is located at the underside of the unit. Lay the vacuum down in a manner that the underside is exposed for easy access of the screws holding the bottom plate.

Sometimes the screws get corroded and hidden, but you can use a rust remover to scrape off the rust on the screws for a more comfortable removal. After locating the screws, go ahead and unscrew them on the bottom faceplate using a Phillips head screw driver. Most Shark vacuums come with around four screws but the number of screws can vary depending on the specific Shark vacuum model you own. To avoid losing the screws, you can put them in a small bowl or Tupperware for safe keeping.

Step Three: Pop out the brush roll

In most cases, Shark vacuums have a plastic cover or faceplate which encloses the roller compartment underneath. After loosening and removing all screws, gently detach the faceplate to expose the roller brush underneath. At times it can prove difficult to pull the brush roll out of the belt as it is stuck together with other vacuum components.

In most Shark vacuums, one end of the roller brush slides out of the compartment with ease, while the other end needs to be pulled out of its holding belt. If it refuses to completely detach from the machine, try to rotate the brush roll gently in a counter-clockwise direction until it slides out. Exercise caution not to detach the brush roll hastily because you might end up damaging the belt holding it in place.

Therefore, be as gentle as possible while popping out the roller brush to prevent damaging the belt. On the same token, keep note of the initial sitting positioning and orientation of the roller brush in the vacuum compartment. This will make it easier to reassemble and put it back in place after cleaning. In case of replacement, please read the manufacturer’s manual on how to fit the spare roller brush into the unit appropriately.


You might need to remove the roller brush more or less often depending on the type and amount of particles you use to suck up while vacuuming your floors. If you frequently use your Shark vacuum to clean pet areas or places occupied by people with long hair, you will definitely need to learn how to remove roller brush from shark vacuum.  This is because long human or pet hair can easily tangle up your brush roll and prevent it from discharging its duties properly. This guide on how to remove roller brush from Shark vacuum will help you pop out the brush roll easily, safely and more effectively within 10-40 minutes depending on how fast you can learn and understand the process.

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