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Dyson DC50 Animal Upright Vacuum Review

Dyson is consistently pushing the limits of vacuum cleaners with breath-taking innovations and space-age styling. Having listened to customer demands, the company is on a mission of shrinking its vacuums down to suit the modern, compact lifestyle and upping the suction game. The first successful model the company launched – which combined compactness and power – was the Dyson Handheld DC44.

The DC44 received a warm reception from buyers the moment it hit the market. And, guess what we’ve got now? The first ever bagless Dyson equipped with two tiers of dirt-blasting cyclones. Known as the Dyson DC50 Animal, the product has been compressed even more into a knee-high package – but with super-suction power.

Older vacuum cleaner models had would-be buyers compromising between power and compactness on a vacuum. Luckily, the DC50 combines both features in an extremely compact package. Let’s have a look at the Dyson DC50 review so that you can understand exactly what to expect from this new beast in town.
Dyson DC50 Animal Upright Vacuum ReviewDyson DC50 Animal Upright Vacuum Review

The Dyson DC50 Animal is Dyson’s latest evolution of once-revolutionary upright vacuum cleaner bearing a close resemblance to the Dyson Small Ball Compact Animal Upright model. Dyson has condensed the DC50 Animal into a compact and bijou package, with the most advanced cleaner head technology featuring a double stack of 19 cyclones engineered for increased dirt-sucking across multiple floors. It’s the first ever upright vacuum to feature two tiers of radial cyclones designed to capture even more microscopic particles like dust, dirt, pollens, mold and bacteria while maintaining the strongest suction.

The new model weighs barely 11.6 pounds and has been shrunk further to fit into our ever-dwindling living spaces. This compact vacuum has the same great performance as a full-sized upright vacuum. Using the ball system and a self-adjusting cleaner head, it automatically adapts to different floor types.

Dyson engineers are said to have borrowed the design philosophy from 1,859 prototypes of the machine, allowing them to fine-tune the technology to suit today’s home environment. The new model now features a reconfigured brush, which includes a combination of stiff nylon bristles and carbon fibers. Carbon filaments help remove finer particles like dust from bare floors, while stiff nylon bristles dig into carpet piles to get out ground-in dirt.

The DC50 Animal has no bags, and therefore loses no suction. It’s an ultra-lightweight and durable model with a 25-ft cord length. It rivals several models in the bagless upright category including the Dyson DC47, Eureka AirSpeed AS1000A, and Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Bagless UH70120.

Who Should Get The Dyson DC50 Animal? 

The Dyson DC50 Animal is perfect for people living in small apartments and condos where space is limited. It’s also an excellent fit for anyone who desires the power of a full-sized upright vacuum yet in a compact, space-saving package. Dyson understands that storage is a big problem in smaller homes, which is why they’ve designed this model to be incredibly compact in size, so you can fit it just about anywhere.

For a more convenient storage, the DC50 Animal features a telescoping hand/wand arrangement which makes it about 30% more compact than full-sized Dyson uprights. In our Dyson DC50 Multi Floor review, we can’t forget to point that this model excels in almost all facets. Apart from being small in size, it has enormous suction power and performs beautifully on multiple floor types.

It can transition from carpets to rugs to ceramic tile floors with minimal effort. Surprisingly, it also cleans drapes, blinds and ceilings as well as freshens up upholstered furniture. For those of us who have pets at home, the Dyson DC50 Animal has no problem dealing with long pet hair and allergens.

This ingenious model comes with a compact turbine tool for digging out and removing pet hair from carpets, bare floors and upholstery. The vacuum is ultra-quiet, easily maneuvers across surfaces thanks to the ball technology design, and also easy to empty with no mess. Investing in the DC50 Animal can save you a lot of money because you won’t need to get a separate vacuum for your carpets and floors.

Dyson DC50 Review – Features & Specifications

  • Weight & Design

We’ll start our DC50 Dyson review with design and weight. In essence, the DC50 Animal is an evolved version of the original bagless Dyson, which has been condensed further to suit the minimalistic nature of modern homes. It’s very lightweight, stable and durable.

This bagless upright vacuum cleaner weighs only 11.6 pounds and measures 10.3 X 10.1 X 24.1 inches in dimensions. It’s much lighter than most uprights from Dyson, and the above dimensions make it compact and able to fit into confined spaces. Made with sturdy plastic-based components, the DC50 Animal is not only durable but also easy to haul up and down the stairs.

This Dyson model has two nice-looking rows of cyclones agreeably stacked on the top, with pretty much the same look and feel as the original Dyson. Almost all components have been shoved into the ball beneath, so it’s essentially a ball with a transparent cylinder on top. This design makes this thing damn small – almost the height of your knee – with the hand stretching to a full height during actual use.

  • Suction Power

In terms of suction, the DC50 Animal offers a satisfying cleaning experience. It churns out up to 128 air watts of suction power, which is enough to pick up all sorts of debris across multiple surfaces. This is so much suction in such a compact machine. This, combined with well-engineered technology, makes the DC50 quite efficient in suctioning dust, debris, and more.

You’ll find it scary how much debris this thing sucks out of the carpets in one cleaning session. Even more, Dyson has added 19 cyclones which work in unison across two tiers to trap even more particles while maintaining the strongest suction. These latest upgrades ensure all particles end up in the dirt canister rather than flowing back into the air you breathe.

  • Ball Technology

We couldn’t omit the Ball Technology in our Dyson Ball DC50 review, since it’s one of the features setting this unit apart from the competition. This tech system is more than just a fancy lingo – the Ball is a key feature that contributes to the ease of using the DC50 Animal. The Ball technology makes the Dyson line so special in the sense that it promises unlimited mobility and manageability of the vacuum.

All the vacuum cleaner components – including the motor – are stacked at the Ball positioned at the bottom of this hearty machine, giving it a good low center of gravity. There’s nothing hanging off the unit, so you can position the vacuum anywhere with a turn of your wrist, without feeling like you’ve got to push and pull it. Having all the parts at the bottom makes it easy to maneuver the vacuum around corners and in tight spaces. Unlike larger vacuums that might tip over, this one feels really stable when steering around obstacles.

  • Cyclonic Technology

Cyclonic technology marks a crucial step in vacuum innovation, whereby using a filter bag isn’t necessary anymore. Cyclonic vacuums combine high speed and high suction power to generate a vortex inside the canister, forcing the debris to be collected and easily discarded. The DC50 Animal revolutionizes the world of vacuum cleaners by introducing Tier Radial Cyclones.

It never uses a bag to trap the dirt, but it operates using the Cyclonic technology, where the system spins the air in high speed trapping all the dirt and allergens in its way. The latest update has 19 cyclones operating across 2 tiers to seize even more debris including dust, dirt, mold, pollen and bacteria among others. And instead of storing the debris in a bag, the air stream transmits it directly into the bin and prevents the particles from entering the air you breathe.

  • Advanced Cleaner Head

The DC50 Animal features a low-profile and advanced cleaner head which automatically adjusts to different surfaces. Being low in profile, the cleaning brush head can squeeze into most furniture and tough-to-reach spots where dirt normally hides and builds up. Also, the cleaner head consists of two different bristles; carbon fiber brush bar for removing fine dust from delicate floors and stiff nylon brushes for eliminating ground-in dirt from carpets.

The brush head can automatically transition from hard flooring to carpeting with a simple flip of a switch. You can stop the brush bar with a button up by the handle to safeguard sensitive hard floors. Nevertheless, we found the main beater very gentle on hard flooring, with anti-static carbon bristles doing superb job at removing fine powder and dust from laminates and parquet.

  • AAA Certifications

For allergy and asthma suffers, we’re happy to inform you in this Dyson DC50 Allergy review that your needs have been sorted out. The Dyson DC50 Animal is an allergy vacuum which has been approved and certified by the Allergy & Asthma Foundation of America (AAA). With the approval of this organization, it means the DC50 Animal meets all the standards set out for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

Whether you’re allergic or wish to safeguard your family, the DC50 Animal has also been approved by the Allergy Standards Limited as suitable for allergy sufferers. The vacuum uses 2-tier radial cyclones to combat pet fur and debris left on wood floors and carpets, and to ensure the airflow cannot be blocked by these pesky particles while cleaning. In essence, it proves useful in treating and preventing allergies as well as maintaining a constant powerful suction that won’t fade with time.

  • Standard Tools & Accessories

The Dyson DC50 Animal includes a range of superb tools and accessories for efficient cleaning all around. These consist of tangle-free turbine tool, stair tool, combination tool with brush and nozzle, and quick-release long reach wand among others. The tangle-free turbine tool comprises counter-rotating heads and brushes which move in opposite directions to remove long hair, short hair, threads or laces without getting tangled.  

Then we’ve got the combination tool with nozzle and brush for spot cleaning and gentle dusting bare floors, carpets and upholstery. The stair tool is designed to get into corners and vertical edges of stairs and remove the dirt laced in there. We also have the quick release long-reach wand that releases and retracts with a single motion to clean awkward areas and stairs.

It’s easy to collapse the main handle back into the hose after use, so you can rest assured it won’t get in the way. Similarly, the wand can easily slide down into the unit to cut storage height down to just 77cm. You might also be pleased to know that the DC50 Animal includes 2 washable on-board filters, which the manufacturer recommends rinsing and sprucing up once a month.

  • Warranty

Like all other devices from Dyson, the DC50 Animal comes with a 2-year warranty upon purchase from an authorized seller. This excellent warranty period covers all parts and labor, indicating Dyson’s relentless commitment to customer satisfaction.

You can activate the Dyson warranty by registering on their website. There are many other benefits of registration, apart from activating your parts and labor warranty. You’ll also be able to get access to Dyson customer service any time.

Dyson DC50 Animal Upright Vacuum ReviewDyson DC50 Animal Upright Vacuum Review

What We Liked

  • Fantastic suction for excellent pick-up across most floorings
  • Cyclonic technology for strong, uninterrupted suction
  • Easy maneuvering with the ball technology
  • Easy-empty, transparent dust bin
  • Superbly lightweight and durable
  • 25-ft long power cord for extended cleaning radius
  • Adjustable cleaner head that automatically adapts to different surfaces
  • Certified for allergy sufferers
  • Tangle-free turbine tool for pet hair removal without tangling
  • Diminutive size for more secure storage

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers 

  • Some customers wish the hose could be a little longer
  • We wish the instructions on putting the handle and parts together were more detailed for better clarity  
  • Smaller dirt canister than that of other models like Dyson DC40 Origin

Final Thought

Hopefully, our Dyson DC50 Animal review has given you a bigger picture about this model and what it can do for you. Even while the user experience varies from one person to another, this vacuum generally delivers incredible performance in a compact blueprint. It combines Dyson’s patented technology with ground-breaking power in a smaller design to provide the utmost vacuuming solution.

The Dyson DC50 Animal remains the best vacuum cleaner for persons living in smaller homes or apartments. It’s also ideal for pet owners or those who’ve got multiple floors to clean, eliminating the need to buy separate vacuums for different surfaces. This fantastic upright mode is a true monster in a compact package.

However, it may not be the best fit for people who have bigger homes with a lot of square feet to clean, unless you enjoy emptying the canister again and again. To avoid the need to empty the canister as often, we recommend getting the DC40 Origin instead. It can hold more dirt so you don’t need to empty frequently, making it a better option for those living in bigger homes.

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