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Dyson DC40 Review – Slightly Expensive But Worth It

Dyson is a renowned and most trusted British-based vacuum cleaner brand whose models are highly reliable, powerful and durable. Each of their models has earned them the seal of approval with buyers all over the globe. Today, we shall be focusing on the Dyson DC40 review – a high-end upright vacuum cleaner with quality engineering and user-friendly features that every customer expects from Dyson.

The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright vacuum cleaner is the latest mid-sized model with exceptional suction that gets deep into carpeting. Having earned an A Energy Rating for solid efficiency, this unit is simple to steer and does a wonderful job on deep pile carpet, hardwood, ceilings, stairs, and furniture among others. Our DC40 Dyson review seeks to uncover the ins and outs of this model so you can decide if it fits the bill.

Dyson DC40 Review – Slightly Expensive But Worth ItDyson DC40 Review – Slightly Expensive But Worth It

We can only use three words to describe the exquisite nature of the Dyson DC40; powerful, lightweight, and simple. With the state-of-the-art ball technology for effortless maneuvering, the DC40 Multi Floor Upright vacuum cleaner might just be the right choice for those looking for a lightweight and powerful unit for every floor type and pet hair removal. It offers powerful suction enough for cleaning even the thickest of carpets.

For those who have to frequently pick up after pets or clean messes off hardwood floors, the DC40 Multi Floor Dyson promises to handle it all with aplomb. Its cleaner head comprises an active base plate that self-adjusts automatically for optimal engagement with multiple floor types. Even more, the unit features attachment tools for cleaning stairs, crevices and upholstery among others.

Note that the DC40 Dyson Multi Floor is a little on the pricey end. However, considering its ease of use, nimble performance and the ability to stand up to the test of time, this model is definitely a great purchase. This machine can tackle even the deepest dirt in the carpet and can transition flawlessly from carpeting to hard flooring.

Dyson DC40 Review – Notable Features & Specifications

  • Appearance & Design

We will start off our Dyson DC40 Animal 2015 review with appearance and design. Many Dyson vacuum cleaners feature high-quality design and construction, and the Dyson DC40 Multi Floor is not an exception. At only 14.55 pounds, this model is moderately lightweight and brings onboard the distinct Dyson futuristic look, whose dimensions are 12.2 x 14.3 x 41.9 inches.

The overall design is optimized for trouble-free maneuverability with the patented ball technology. Unlike previous models where many components were positioned outside of the ball, this new model has all components (including the motor) located inside of the ball. The DC40 is now very streamlined because there are only few parts sticking out of the unit.

The streamlined design allows for smooth and swift mobility with much less effort. You will be able to easily glide across all your floors or turn around tight corners that were initially deemed difficult to maneuver. What’s more, the Dyson Ball is made of glass-reinforced polypropylene – the same material used to make car dashboards – to guarantee the utmost durability.

  • Radial Root Cyclone Technology

Ordinary vacuums depend on bags to capture dust and dirt. But dust particles create tiny holes in the bag with time leading to clogging, restriction of normal airflow, and ultimately loss of suction. Instead of relying on bags to trap dust and dirt, the DC40 uses the modernized Radial Root Cyclone technology, which seizes more dirt particles than Dyson’s any other previous technologies.

Dyson engineers have also reconfigured the air channels in their new cyclone technology to improve the flow efficiency, preserve air pressure and reduce turbulence. The inner cyclones spin the air at extremely high speeds to generate centrifugal forces several thousand times more than the force of gravity, allowing millions of microscopic particles to be captured and trapped in the dust bin. This updated cutting edge cyclonic technology traps and prevents microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns from escaping back into the air.

The DC40 remains an excellent model for asthma and allergy sufferers as it can capture pet hair, dust and dirt and flung them off the airflow and directly into the bin. This machine is poised to enhance the indoor air quality by eliminating allergy causing substances. More importantly, the cyclone technology prevents the loss of suction throughout the cleaning session.

  • Suction Power

The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor promises to execute incredible suction and power for cleaning all floor types, such as high pile carpeting, tile, hardwood, stone and other bare floors. It draws its juice from an 1100W motor which delivers well above 200 air watts of suction, more than enough to get deep into carpeting and blast away pesky pet hair.

The DC40 Dyson has received an A Energy Rating for excellent efficiency with an estimated 26 Kilowatt hour annual energy consumption. Besides a great motor, the machine also uses the Radial Root Cyclone technology to route its airflow in a manner that optimizes suction power at the cleaner head.

The restructured cyclone technology now has what it takes to spin the air at incredible speeds, forcing dust and pet hair to be deposited straight into the dust bin. This vacuum can handle all of your daily tasks powerfully and quietly without losing suction.

  • Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head

Do you have multiple floors to clean in your home? If yes, then the DC40 really shines when it comes to the versatility department. The machine’s cleaner head features an articulating base plate which self-adjusts automatically for maximum engagement with all types of floors. The automatic adjusting cleaner head means the suction is maintained across the cleaning head, and more stuff gets sucked up with utmost simplicity.

The base plate shifts up and down automatically keeping as close a contact to the surface as possible and creating an effective seal between the vac and the floor. The base plate moves down on hard floors, while the brush bar moves off the floor to prevent the delicate surfaces from getting scratched. For optimum bristle penetration on carpeting, the base plate adjusts up while the brush bar adjusts down to remove embedded dirt and pet hair from deep down the carpet piles.

And, unlike most vacuums that require the user to manually adjust the machine when transferring from one floor type to another, the DC40 transitions automatically from one flooring to another. With this device, you no longer need to stop the machine and mess with different levers and knobs. Neither do you need to bend down and make adjustments with fiddly dials to transit from hard flooring to carpeting.

  • Maneuverability

The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor steers with ease thanks to the patented ball technology at the base of the unit. The Dyson ball steering system provides the means for you to turn the machine or maneuver it around obstacles and in awkward areas for a more enjoyable cleaning experience. It is ingeniously designed to conquer the steering limitations that come with fixed wheels.

Another aspect that contributes to the ease of maneuverability is the fact the ball houses all the heavy components, including the motor. There are very few components protruding out of the machine, allowing for a greater stability and lower center of gravity. Positioning the heaviest parts of the machine at the base provides a much better balance than that of other models.

The DC40 rides on the ball (no wheels) and it can turn and pivot in any direction with a breeze. It allows you to turn the machine or angle it around furniture with such a little effort as turning your wrist. And since the ball itself is composed of glass-reinforced polypropylene material, it has a high impact strength and great resistance to distortion.

  • Dust Capacity

The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor comes equipped with a 1.6-liter dustbin, which is the same capacity as what most other bagless upright vacuum models have on offer. This bin capacity is more than enough for you to clean an average room without the need to empty it frequently in every cleaning session. For a bigger sized room, the dustbin might need to be emptied around 2-3 times throughout the session.

The good thing is that the dustbin is transparent and you can easily monitor the amount of debris collected. You will be able to know when the canister is full and when it needs to be emptied. Plus, bin emptying is very simple, mess-free and hygienic.

The manufacturer has designed a hygienic bin emptying system so it won’t disperse the debris and to keep your indoor air as clean as possible. The bin empties over the trash with a simple push of a button. You simply need to hold it over your trash receptacle and press a release button at the top – and you are done!

  • Approved For Allergy Patients

All new Dyson upright vacuums have been certified and approved to be asthma & allergy-friendly by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAA). The Dyson DC40 features cyclones which are designed to capture and contain microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns in size, including pet dander, mold, pollen, bacteria and more. This state-of-the-art technology really plays a crucial role in eliminating every particle, making this model ideal for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Contrary to other vacuums which come with bags, the DC40 comes with two washable filters. The first filter is found on the base of the unit and the other one is found in the dust container. Both of these filters are washable for a lifetime, so you won’t have to incur ongoing costs for replacements.

Some vacuums have bags and filters which are designed to be replaced after every couple of use, and the cost soon skyrockets. For the DC40, all you need to do is wash the filters at least once a moth depending on frequency of use. Keeping these filters clean will also improve your home’s indoor air quality.

  • Tools & Accessories

The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor comes as standard with an amazing range of tools and accessories for different purposes. You will be getting a long-reach instant release wand whose function is to clean stairs and other awkward spaces like tricky ceiling corners. It can extend up to 5 times in length, and assembling is a breeze since there are no separate parts.

This vacuum cleaner also features a 7.5-meter long cord, which is slighter longer than that of other models in the same category. Combined with the extendable wand, the DC40 offers an incredible cleaning radius to avoid frequent changing of outlets. Other extra tools comprise a stair tool, upholstery tool and a combination tool.

The stair tool proves handy in removing dirt and dust from hard-to-reach corners and along the vertical edges of stairs. The combination tool includes a crevice nozzle which can double up as a brush (easily slides down) for dusting. It is easy to detach the hose and wand assembly, and all tools fit without a hassle.

  • Warranty

Dyson engineers have built this product to last using polycarbonate and ABS materials. These are sturdy materials used to make crash helmets and riot shields. These plastic components have been relentlessly tested, and they seem to be very durable. For this reason, your DC40 is able to stand up to a few knocks and bashes without getting damaged.

Even while Dyson has put this machine through a rigorous testing and development program, the company is still offering a 5-year limited warranty covering parts and labor. This product is made to last, and you can rest assured that you are getting the durability and reliability that comes with a true Dyson brand. You are recommended to register your product online to benefit from Dyson’s 5-year warranty and enjoy a long operating life.

Dyson DC40 Review – Slightly Expensive But Worth ItDyson DC40 Review – Slightly Expensive But Worth It

What We Liked

  • Superb suction power
  • Ideal for removing pet hair and dirt from carpets and bare floors
  • Pretty easy to assemble
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Easy to maneuver around obstacles
  • Self-adjusts to the floor type
  • Picks up very well across the cleaner head
  • Easy to empty the dustbin with no mess
  • Lifetime washable filters
  • Long wand and hose eliminates bending over while cleaning
  • 5-year limited warranty

Flaws but Not Deal Breakers

  • The attachment tools exhibit low air performance
  • Gets clogged up easily with dry food mess
  • Somewhat unstable when using the hose

Final Verdict:

We absolutely have no reservations about endorsing the Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright vacuum for regular household cleaning. Although it seems to get clogged easily with larger messes like dry food, it still excels in pet hair pick up across multiple floors. This excellent model exhibits first-rate suction power, maneuverable design and incredible filtration system.

We particularly recommend it for people who need a vacuum cleaner for regular household cleaning of small bits of dirt and dust. A lot of Dyson DC40 reviews have rated this vacuum with very high scores, and owners are also happy with how well it functions. Note that the Dyson DC40 is slightly more expensive than most vacuums in the same caliber, but it is a great choice if you can afford it.

3.7/5 - (3 votes)

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