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Dyson Ball Animal 2 Reviews [2020] – What We Loved?

When it comes to the vacuuming realm, very few brands can rival the suctioning capacity and fluid maneuverability of Dyson upright vacuum cleaners. The Dyson Ball Animal is one of the latest and power-laden upright vacuum models from the giant manufacturer, Dyson. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has earned lots of positive ratings from numerous Dyson ball animal 2 reviews online – for pretty good reasons.

According to Dyson, the Ball Animal 2 is the highest powered upright for cleaning different messes across carpets and hard floors, needing only a few passes to get the job done. But can it really perform as remarkably as claimed? In our Dyson Ball Animal 2 review, we dissect this vacuum cleaner and explain all its features and specifications so that you can determine if it is a worthy investment.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Reviews [2020] – What We Loved?Dyson Ball Animal 2 Reviews [2020] – What We Loved?

The Dyson Animal 2 is an upgraded version of the original Dyson Animal Upright Vacuum. In terms of the side-by-side comparison of the Dyson Animal vs. Animal 2, their specs are more identical than they are different. However, the newer and updated version packs the sheer amount of suction power at the cleaner head where it engages the floor.

Based on our lab tests, the Animal 2 boasts up to 24.9% more suction compared to the original Dyson Animal upright. The Animal 2 makes use of Dyson’s ball design for heightened maneuverability, which is a welcome addition considering its relatively hefty weight. Also available in the Animal 2 is a clear dust bin, self-adjusting cleaner head, and stacked radial cyclones.

As far as similarities go, the two models include the same accessories such as a stair tool, turbine tool, and combination tool. Like most Dyson Ball Animal upright vacuum reviews have noted, the two models exhibit great performance on multiple surfaces, but the Animal 2 seems to excel at pet hair removal. The overhauled version remains one of Dyson’s ultimate flagship models whose power and performance cannot be beat by other upright vacuums in the market.

Who Should Buy The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum?

The Dyson Ball 2 Animal is a total powerhouse for homes with one or more pets as well as multiple surfaces to clean. It comes equipped with a tangle-free turbine pet hair tool, whose function is to remove dog hair and kitty litter from a variety of surfaces including carpets, wooden floors, tiles, and hard-to-reach areas. The tangle-free turbine attachment is a unique tool comprising counter-rotating brush rolls that dislodge and pull entrenched hair out of the couch, upholstery and fabric and deposit it directly into the collection bin.

Being tangle-free, the effectiveness of the brushes cannot be diminished since long hair cannot get wrapped around the brush bar. This attachment is nothing short of a life saver, because it is virtually immune to hair that collects all over carpets, bedding, and furniture where cats and dogs frequently take a nap. With extreme suction power, the Ball Animal 2 sucks up kitty litter on hard flooring instead of spreading them around.

More importantly, this upright model boasts a swiveling head that facilitates effortless cleaning around corners and furniture legs. It also has a relatively low profile design, which lets you reach and clean under furniture and appliances. For asthma and allergy sufferers, the Ball Animal 2 features a whole-machine HEPA system that prevents the collected debris and allergens from being expelled into the air. It has been certified and approved by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAA) as the best upright vacuum cleaner for those who are sensitive to allergy-inducing substances.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Reviews – Features & Specs That We Loved

  • Design & Weight

We shall kick-start our Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum review with the design and weight. The Ball Animal 2 highlights the ultramodern vibe commonly seen in most Dyson vacuums. It is quite a luxe model whose exterior showcases radiant purple and gray hue.

It weighs 17.35 pounds and measures 15.3 x 13.4 x 42.1 inches. These dimensions provide a relatively low-profile blueprint for trouble-free cleaning under furniture and appliances. At 17.35 pounds, it seems to be a tad on a higher spectrum than other uprights, but it utilizes Dyson’s ball design for enhanced mobility. Made of glass-reinforced polypropylene material, the sturdy “ball” base houses the motor, which makes it easier to steer the vacuum around furniture with minimal effort.

Also, despite being one of the heaviest upright vacuums, it comes with two carry handles that make it pretty simple to move around. The vacuum has a clear canister that lets you monitor the amount of debris picked up, or see the Advanced Radial Root Cyclones which generate the incredible suction. Of more importance, the machine has a designated spot for storing attachments (excluding tangle-free turbine attachment), so you don’t have to find a separate bag or box to store them.

  • Suction Power

The second most important feature that we would love to mention in our Dyson Animal Ball 2 review is the suction power. This bagless upright vacuum has the strongest suction at the cleaner head of any commercially available vacuum cleaner based on the ASMF88 test. At an impressive 306 AW of suction power against the Dyson original Ball Animal’s 245 AW, it has what it takes to completely suck up spilled and ground-in cereal on carpeting and hard flooring in just 1-2 passes.

With excellent suction power driven by stacked cyclone design, this vacuum is well armed to handle tough tasks, which makes it a wise choice for parents and pet owners. In fact, the suction is so powerful that users feel some resistance in pushing the unit across medium-pile carpeting and industrial-style carpeting. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is a great performer in removing stubborn dirt and pet messes from a variety of surfaces, whether it is soft or hard flooring.

  • Radial Root™ Cyclones Technology

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum uses the Radial Root Cyclones technology to supply maximum suction power. This radial formation helps channel the air through the uniquely designed cyclone assembly. For this reason, it has all it takes to seize more microscopic dust and dirt than any other cyclonic technology available.

More often than not, bagless vacuums experience clogging as the dust piles up along the suctioning path and on the filters. But for this model, the air flows at a very high rate and is easily separated from the dirt to thwart clogging problems. Instead of the dust particles stopping and gathering, it all ends up in the dirt canister and ready for emptying with a single button press. The Ball Animal 2 has an hygienic design for keeping the dirt and allergens at bay.

  • Maneuverability & Usability

Maneuverability is another key aspect that we can’t miss out in our Dyson Ball Animal 2 review. Despite being bulkier than most other upright vacuums, it still offers the best maneuverability and usability thanks to Dyson’s unique Ball Technology. Unlike traditional uprights featuring large wheels, this one comes with a large ball housing more than 100 components inside.

With most of the electronics and motor compactly packed inside the ball, the unit achieves a low center of gravity and improved stability. Aided by the low center of gravity, the smooth rolling ball allows for flexible and precise steering in a circular fashion rather than straight lines. The ball’s turning circle stiffens when its axis tilts, allowing for accurate navigation around furniture and obstacles with a quick turn of the wrist.

  • Self-adjusting Cleaner Head

Some vacuum cleaners come with switches and knobs for different suction levels and flooring types. However, the Dyson Ball 2 Animal is equipped with an advanced self-adjusting cleaner head that raises and lowers itself automatically to deep clean across all floor types. You can choose to switch the brush roll on or off if you want, but the vacuum provides powerful cleaning without having to use manual switches.

The motorized brush roll can automatically adjust the height and practically create a seal which keeps constant contact between its cleaning head and the floor for superior suction. On carpeting, the cleaner head is lowered down into carpet fibers to capture ground-in dirt, dust and animal hair. While on hard flooring, the cleaner head is slightly raised to prevent the delicate surfaces from scratches or any other form of damage.

  • Whole Machine HEPA Filtration

Vacuum cleaners lacking quality filters are more likely to expel ultra-fine particles back into the indoor air, and this is precarious for people suffering from asthma or allergies. In our Dyson Animal 2 review, we must disclose that the Ball 2 Animal is equipped with a whole-machine HEPA filtration and a lifetime washable filter. It is great for pet owners and those with allergies as it can capture and trap up to 99% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns – without releasing them back into the air.

Certified and approved by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, this whole-system HEPA filtration can capture tiny particles like pet dander, bacteria, dust mites, and mold spores. Often, these microscopic allergens can initiate allergic reactions causing breathing difficulties. Also, this upright vacuum features a lifetime washable filter, which saves on replacement and installation costs every 6-12 months.

  • Dust Bin Capacity

The Dyson Ball 2 Animal is a great cleaning companion featuring 0.55 gallons (2.08 liters) dust bin volume. This makes it a top choice for medium to large homes as it can hold huge amounts of debris to keep emptying frequencies at minimum. Better still, this latest incarnation of Dyson’s full sized upright vacuum offers hygienic one-click dirt emptying using the release button on top of the canister.  

After cleaning your carpets, woods, tiles and other floors, simply place the bin over a trash and press the one-touch dirt release button to empty the contents. With hygienic bin emptying design, you can be able to dispose of the debris into the trash without getting your hands dirty. It also prevents the dust and dirt particles from escaping back into your indoor air while at the same time keeping allergens away from your skin.

  • Instant Release Extension Wand

This high-quality workhorse combines a quick release extension wand and hose to provide up to 15 feet of extra reach. This combination makes it possible to clean up high places and under furniture in one smooth action. You can also attach the stair tool to the instant release wand to reach high places that are seemingly difficult to get clean, such as getting the spider webs off the ceiling.

The Dyson Ball 2 Animal is ideal for cleaning up all types of surfaces including high, behind/under furniture, and stairs. Combined with the 35 foot power cord, this vacuum gives you a total of 50 feet cleaning reach, which is considered the longest cleaning radius of any other vacuum on Dyson’s upright lineup. It enables you to clean a whole room without changing the outlets over and over again.

  • Accessories & Parts

Our Dyson Ball Animal review won’t be complete without highlighting the accessories and parts that come with this upright machine. Engineered for homes with multiple floors and pets, the vacuum comes standard with tools for digging out dirt, pet hair, and allergens wherever your four-legged friend goes. The three notable accessories include the Tangle Free Turbine tool, stair tool, and combination tool.

Also known Dyson groom tool, the turbine tool features a motorized brush roll that agitates and removes hair from carpets, couches and other upholstery without getting tangled.  The stair tool is a non-motorized straight-suction attachment with a wide mouth. It is primarily designed for flexible and effective cleaning of stairs, but it can also prove handy on mattresses, upholstery, and other fabrics which demand gentle agitation.

Finally, the combination tool is a two in one attachment serving as both a dusting brush and a crevice tool. The dusting brush is a supple tool that can slide outward when in use or backward for secure storage. The crevice tool helps you clean hard-to-reach areas with utmost simplicity.

  • Warranty

The Dyson Ball 2 Animal is designed to be able to tolerate a few knocks and bashes without getting damaged. Dyson engineers have passed this model across a variety of design and development tests to guarantee the best overall value. It even has the ability to self-right when knocked over, which means users have no reason to worry about doubling back in the event the vacuum tips over.

This bagless upright vacuum is built with sturdy materials to handle the toughest tasks. To add to this, Dyson is offering a FREE 5-year warranty that covers parts, labor and even free shipping. So in case you find some defects, Dyson is ready and willing to honor their warranty terms for your peace of mind.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Reviews [2020] – What We Loved?Dyson Ball Animal 2 Reviews [2020] – What We Loved?

What We Loved 

  • Incredible suction power
  • Great performance on multiple surfaces like carpets, floors, wood, and tile
  • Dyson ball technology for easy maneuvering
  • Radial root technology for trapping more dust and allergens
  • Whole-machine HEPA filtration captures allergens instead of letting them escape into the air
  • Tangle-free turbine attachment for pet hair removal
  • Self-adjusting cleaning head for sealing suction between the cleaner head and the floor
  • Hygienic bin emptying with one-touch release button
  • Includes a good set of tool and accessories for different purposes

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers 

  • Heavier than most upright vacuums
  • Fairly expensive
  • Struggles a little when cleaning around corners and along edges
  • Ambiguous instructions on how to use the different heads and accessories
  • Louder than most other upright vacs


With up to 306 Air Watts of suction power, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 remains an excellent choice for households with multiple surfaces and pets. The unique design of the internal air passes ensures extreme suction, and there is virtually no surface this beast cannot clean. Admittedly, it is a bit on the heavier end, and the vacuum struggles when it comes to cleaning along edges and corners.

But we are willing to overlook these shortcoming given its stellar performance on all types of carpets and hard surfaces. For added convenience, it has a swiveling head and a low-profile design that allows you to work under and around furniture legs with minimal exertion. The tangle-free turbine attachment means long and short hair has nowhere to hide apart from being sucked into the canister.

Even though this full sized upright vacuum is expensive, it scored remarkable results across most of our tests. If you need raw power for cleaning grimy carpets and hard floors, then you won’t regret purchasing this machine. It is a great choice for medium to large homes, and is easily one of the most powerful commercial vacuums in the market.

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