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How to Clean Dog Urine from Carpet with Vinegar & Baking Soda

As a pet owner, dealing with some occasional pet indoor accidents is inevitable. Different conditions can trigger pet indoor accidents, such as the consequences of having an aging pet, or dealing with a stressed or an overly excited pet that might have less control. Whatever the case, no pet owner should endure the ongoing odor from urine accidents.

When an accident happens, you should always act fast because if the dog urine becomes soaked into the padding beneath the carpet, it might be almost difficult to get rid of it. At that point, you might need to replace your carpet or even get a professional cleaner that utilizes water extraction techniques to clean your carpet.

How to Swing into Action

With the proper steps, it’s pretty easy to control bad odors and get rid of pet urine smell completely. There are many household products you can use to remove any unwanted stains from carpet. But the strongest, all-natural cleaning solution for dog urine is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

Required materials:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Vacuum
  • Towels or Paper Towels

Steps to Follow:

Step One: Blot the pet stain

Using a paper towel, blot the urine stain dry and don’t rub it. Rubbing the pet stain with a paper towel will only spread the urine stain more. Simply pat the urine stain with a towel, unless you are planning on rearranging all the furniture to cover the entire stain.

If the towel isn’t soaking up the pet urine anymore, consider replacing it. Then, continue patting the urine stain until the whole spot is completely dry.

Step Two: Apply your vinegar

 Using a water bottle or a spray bottle, mix equal portions of vinegar and water to make your natural cleaner then soak the entire area with the vinegar/water solution. This cleaning agent helps cut through even the most stubborn pet stains.

By re-wetting the stain, you can ensure that all the dog urine is entirely removed from your carpet. The white vinegar neutralizes all the ammonia in the dog urine, which helps counteract the odor.

 Scrub the carpet hard to ensure that you get deep into the fibers beneath the surface of the carpet to remove any remaining pet urine. For intensely tough stains or bad odors on your carpet, use 100% white vinegar cleaner.

Step Three: Apply the baking soda 

When the area is still wet, pour the baking soda and slightly mix it with vinegar. You will see and hear the combination cackling and fizzing immediately it begins to work on the smell and stain.

Rub in the baking soda using a scrubbing brush or your hands to help get it deep into the carpet fibers. Then, leave the soda on your carpet until it dries completely.

That might take 1-2 days, or it might be just overnight, depending on the amount of vinegar and water solution applied on the spot. When it dries completely, vacuum all the baking soda from your carpet, and your carpet will be free from any stains or bad smells.

The benefit of using vinegar and baking soda

Baking soda and white vinegar are two of the most useful ingredients for cleaning a lot of things in the household, including tough pet stains in your carpet. The less we use chemical-based cleaning agents on our floors and carpets, the less we expose the pets we own to any harsh substances.

Our beloved pets are much closer to the floor than us, and any harmful chemicals will affect them more than human beings. Therefore, the next time your dog leaves some urine mess in your living room, consider this pet-friendly cleaning technique and see how well it will work for you.


This simple method for lifting off carpet pet stains exclusively utilizes natural and eco-friendly products that many people have in their cupboards or pantry. It works pretty well just like any off-the-shelf stain remover which uses some chemicals to get rid of pet stains. Besides, both vinegar and baking soda are not costly, which means you will not have to spend lots of cash to purchase them.

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