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Bissell CrossWave Reviews – Best Floor & Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Wet-dry vacuums are available in all sizes and shapes but the Bissell 1785A Crosswave with Wet-Dry Vacuum seems to deliver more value than most industrial-sized machines out there. With a 4.4-Amps power rating, this all-in-one system is considered a powerful revolutionary multi-surface appliance that’s safe and effective for use on both sealed hard floors and area rugs. It can handle stubborn stains, sticky messes and ground-in dirt on tile, linoleum, laminate, sealed wood floors, pressed wood floors, rubber floor mats, area rugs and so much more.

In our Bissell Crosswave review, we explain why this wet-dry vacuum cleans better and much faster than using a sponge mop and bucket. We also explain how its instant two-in-one action can save your time while giving you seamless results all the time. Now let’s get started right away.

Bissell CrossWave Reviews – Best Floor & Carpet Vacuum CleanerBissell CrossWave Reviews – Best Floor & Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

The Bissell Crosswave 1785A is an established and innovative multi-surface cleaning machine that debuted in 2016. This vacuuming and mopping machine borrows quite a number of design cues from its upgrade version dubbed the Bissell Crosswave 2306A Pet Pro, which has been featured in most Bissell Crosswave pet pro reviews. As an all-in-one cleaning system, the device combines more features and functions than a regular vacuum cleaner.

It has a unique design providing a secure and effective way to simultaneously vacuum, wash, and dry your floors in one single pass. A machine that incorporates vacuuming with washing and drying functions can save you lots of time and energy as it consistently delivers superb performance. Throughout our tests, the Bissell Crosswave 1785A performed much better than some higher-tier models designed for the same purposes – but it’s not totally without shortcomings.

For Whom Is Bissell 1785A Crosswave Designed?

If you need an all-in-one multi-surface machine that is easy to operate and safe for all sealed hard floors and area rugs, then rest assured that the Bissell Crosswave 1785A is equal to the task. It simplifies and streamlines your cleaning using a superior vacuum and wet-dry cleaning mechanism. In terms of ease of use, an empty cleaner is moderately lightweight at barely 11.02 inches, making it effortless to use without breaking a sweat. Also, it features a 46-inch tall handle which is comfortable for tall and short users.

The intuitive Smart Touch Controls on the handle enhance the operation as you can flawlessly switch between vacuuming your hard floors and washing your area rugs with the touch of a button. The dual-action brush roll allows for vacuuming and mopping concurrently, while the 2-tank system lets you differentiate between cleaning solutions and dirty water. The swivel steering helps you navigate sharp corners and clean under furniture effortlessly, and the unit provides an extensive coverage of up to 12 inches.

Bissell CrossWave Reviews – Features & Specifications

  • The Design 

As usual, we’re going to start our Bissell Crosswave professional reviews with the design. Aside from cleaning capability, the Bissell Crosswave 1785A looks stylish and sophisticated, with appealing color schemes that attract instant attention. The unit showcases a green exterior with some black and white shades.

It also highlights a D-shaped rubberized handle that provides a comfortable grip during use. Although it doesn’t include an auto-rewind feature, the engineers have provided a position for unwrapping the 25-ft power cord, which means it’ll occupy the least storage space. Finally, the unit has a low-profile nozzle that can reach into tricky areas like under sofas and behind upholstery.

  • Weight & Size 

From the onset, the Bissell Crosswave 1785A may look colossal and rather intricate to handle owing to the dual-tank system that can hold up to 28 ounces of water. However, the general cleaner tips the scale at about 11 pounds, and the weight structure is designed to be evenly distributed to avoid putting much weight on your hand while in use. Additionally, there are small wheels under the head which help improve mobility during cleaning.

In spite of all these measures, the 11-pound machine may weigh more when the tanks are filled with water, and it’ll likely feel tiresome when used for extended periods. Regarding size, Bissell Crosswave stands at 46 inches tall and offers 12 inches wide cleaning path. Honestly, we think this isn’t enough for such an all-in-one vacuum cleaner, but it’s much better than having several cleaning equipment that would end up cluttering your room.

  • Dual Action Multi-Surface Brush Roll

At the core of Bissell Crosswave’s technology is a unique dual-action multi-purpose brush roll that provides the ability to mop and lift away any wet and dry debris effectively in one quick action. This innovative brush roll is made from a combination of an innovative microfiber and nylon brush, allowing it to mop as well as collect dry debris simultaneously. You won’t need to sweep your floors manually before starting your cleanup routine, because this cleaner takes care of both tasks to save your precious time.

The dual action brush roll can spin at 3,500 RPM output speed, mopping and picking up the dry debris much faster than using a sponge mop based on the BTP0257 hard floor soil cleaning test. Through the combination of a nylon brush and the gentle action of a microfiber, it cleans efficiently while providing a gentle mopping action, which leaves your floors spotlessly clean and polished. For more convenience, smart touch controls make it possible to switch the cleaner from hard floors to rugs with a simple button press.

  • Dual-Tank Technology & Coverage 

The Bissell Crosswave 1785A is equipped with a dual-tank system that distinctly separates the cleaning solution from dirty water. By keeping cleaning solution and dirty water separate, it ensures you’re always cleaning with a fresh blend of water and formula, so no smudges or dirty streaks will be left behind. When it comes to tank volume, the clean water/solution tank can hold 28 oz while the dirty water tank can hold 14.5 oz.

As such, the cleaning solution can only cover slightly above 700 square feet of space, equivalent to 65 square meters. For that reason, using this machine to clean a larger space means undergoing the challenge of having to refill from time to time, which can be frustrating. Also available is a filtration system for trapping and retaining most airborne particles. This filtration pack is detachable, washable and reusable. On the downside, it doesn’t employ the HEPA technology and users may not be fully safeguarded against allergens.

  • Smart Touch Controls

One of the most crucial principles of the Bissell brand is simplicity. Despite having an outstanding technology and sophistication, the Bissell Crosswave 1785A features simple electronic controls that you can operate even if you’re a complete novice. Smart touch controls mounted on the handle allow for swift operation as you can select the right action based on what you’re cleaning, such as sealed hard floors or area rugs. Even more, you can easily transit between hard floors and area rugs without losing power or performance.

There are only three buttons that allow you to choose between the rug mode, wash mode and hard floor mode. There’s also an on-demand solution trigger that helps you manage the amount of moisture to use in line with whatever you’re cleaning. For instance, you’ll want to use less fluid when cleaning the rugs to avoid making them too wet. This solution control also lets you adjust the amount of solution correctly when cleaning hard floors, since too much water can seep through to the floor beneath. Smart touch controls make everything simple, graceful and convenient.

  • Swivel Steering

Very few cleaners can beat the Bissell Crosswave 1785A when it comes to easy maneuverability and handling. Often, vacuum cleaners lacking the swivel steering are difficult to navigate around sharp corners or along the edges of a room. Among the Bissell units we’ve tested so far, the Bissell Crosswave 1785A boasts a nice swivel head design that makes it more practical to reach deeper areas as well as under low furniture.

Being able to maneuver and reach difficult areas is really a plus since it makes your cleaning more comprehensive and absolute. And, even though the unit feels bulkier when the tanks are full, the included wraparound handle makes it far and away the most agile and comfortable. To facilitate easy gliding, the unit features two wheels which move smoothly across the surface without causing damage.

  • CrossWave Technology

Perhaps you’re wondering how on earth this all-in-one machine washes and dries the floors on the go. That is where the CrossWave technology comes into the picture. After mopping the floor, the CrossWave technology is triggered to vacuum up all the water along with dirt particles that were released while washing. It then deposits them right into the dirt tank. With the CrossWave technology, you no longer need to wipe out excess water and dirt particles using a stick mop – Bissell does it for you!

As a matter of limitation however, we’d expect to find a water filtration system in a device of this caliber. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a built-in water filtration that ensures a hot deep clean. The users’ manual recommends mixing up warm water manually to achieve deeper level of cleaning, which isn’t so tech. That being said, we can easily overlook this shortcoming given how this vacuum cleaner performs its tasks, and you can as well opt for Bissell CrossWave 2306A Pet Pro if you cannot do without this function.

  • Power Cord

The Bissell Crosswave 1785A consists of a 25-ft long standard powered cord attached to it. This allows you to clean an average room more comfortably without having to find a closer outlet every time and again. A standard 25-ft cord is long enough to afford an easy mobility and a decent cleaning range.

On the downside, this cleaning radius may not be adequate for those who want to clean large rooms with utmost convenience. You may need to keep detaching from one outlet to the other to be able to achieve easy maneuverability. Alternatively, you can choose to use an extension cord for a more comfortable cleaning experience on larger spaces.

  • Noise Level 

Based on our decibel reader, we can aptly describe the Bissell Crosswave 1785A as noiseless. You shouldn’t expect more than average noise level while the machine is running. It does make some normal functioning swirl sounds during operation, which isn’t enough to hamper your usual conversation

To some extent, the noise level the machine produces is determined by the material or debris being sucked up. You might experience a strange sound when the filter box is full. But once you detach the filter box and clean, you’ll notice that normal sound kicks right back in without delay.

  • Accessories 

The versatility of any cleaning machine is largely dependent upon the number of standard accessories that are availed. With the vital accessories supplied, you’ll be able to perform a wide range of tasks without stopping. Bissell supplies an amazing range of detergents as well as specialized brush rolls for its Bissell Crosswave 1785A.

The company provides such accessories as a 32-ounce Multi-Surface formula, 32-ounce Wood Floor formula, 32-ounce Area Rug formula, Multi-Surface Brush, Wood Floor Brush, and an Area Rug Brush. The Multi-Surface cleaning solution is designed for cleaning tile floors, laminate floors, and area rugs. The Multi-Surface Brush helps scrub hard floors, while the Area Rug Brush does a fantastic job in removing stubborn stains and dirt from rugs and carpets.

  • Cleaning & Maintenance 

Cleaning and maintaining the Bissell Crosswave 1785A is made easy and humanly possible thanks to an instant click and release action for disengaging the brush roll. You can then tidy up the Removable Brush roll after your cleaning routine before attaching it back on to the machine. Another innovative component which makes this unit a pleasurable appliance is the Easy-Clean Storage Tray.

You can easily separate it from the machine for simple and effective cleanup. The other vital component that aids in swift and simple cleanup is the Easy-Remove Brush Window. Note that all these removable parts are not only easy to detach and clean but also make replacement simple and effortless.

Bissell CrossWave Reviews – Best Floor & Carpet Vacuum CleanerBissell CrossWave Reviews – Best Floor & Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

What We Loved

  • Superior suction with 4.4 Amps power rating
  • Vacuums, washes and dries simultaneously
  • Dual action multi-surface brush roll mops and picks up dry debris at the same time
  • Dual-tank system separates cleaning solution from dirty water to avoid streaking
  • Smart touch controls for easy and swift operation
  • 12-inch wide cleaning path ensures multi-surface cleaning with one single pass
  • Ideal for both area rugs and sealed hard floors
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Includes several accessories and brushes for a comfortable cleaning experience

Flaws but Not Deal Breakers

  • A little pricy
  • Not ideal for deep cleaning carpets
  • Somehow heavy when the tanks are full
  • Limited dual tank system

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the Bissell 1785A Crosswave is an all-in-one vacuum cleaner for people who are searching for the best wet and dry vacuum for their homes. Instead of buying several massive gadgets, this one offers you an opportunity to enjoy both wet and dry capabilities in just one purchase. As such, it saves you money because you won’t need to buy one tool for dry vacuuming messes and another one for wet mopping fine debris like dust.

We found numerous impressive features built into this all-in-one multi-surface cleaning tool for scrubbing both hard floors and area rugs. For instance, its dual tank system allowed us to differentiate between solutions, which means we ended up using a fresh mix of water and formula on our sealed wood floors to prevent streaking and reduce bad odors. The dual action brush roll also allowed us to vacuum and mop simultaneously, while the ergonomically positioned fingertip controls greatly improved the usability.

Even though this vacuum cleaner is not suitable for deep cleaning carpets and removing pet hair, it still performed a decent job on carpeted surfaces. The Bissell CrossWave 2306A Pet Pro would be a perfect option for getting rid of pet hair from carpeted areas. All in all, the Bissell 1785A Crosswave with Wet-Dry Vacuum remains a fantastic investment for anyone who needs to clean their hard floors without streaks, as well as eliminate grimy messes from their area rugs. Of more importance, Bissell offers a 2-year limited warranty to cushion your purchase.

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