The best toilet brush plays a significant role in sustaining the hygiene of your toilet and keeping it looking spot-on. Along with toilet cleaner, a functional toilet brush gets rid of germs, dirt, stains, bacteria and other pesky particles lurking in the bowl.

Whereas the market boasts a myriad of the best toilet bowl brushes, identifying the right model ain’t a simple or straightforward endeavor. The good news is that we’ve done the research and comparison on your behalf, and we can vouch for the Simplehuman Toilet Brush bearing the model number BT1083.

This is an efficient toilet brush that’s gonna help you maintain your toilet’s cleaning regime, using the least effort while at it. If you think this model ain’t your best fit yet, then we welcome you to go through this unbiased, in-depth review where we cover the 8 best toilet brushes currently available in the market.

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Best Toilet Brush - Reviews

1.  Simplehuman Toilet Brush With Caddy

7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison

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The Simplehuman toilet brush is the sleekest of all models we’ve tried, and its caddy accelerates the air-drying time of the replaceable brush head. This stainless steel model has a specially designed brush head showcasing a crescent shape, which not only enhances your décor but also improves the cleaning.

The brush head’s creative style ensures you can get into hard-to-reach corners and hidden areas of the toilet bowl for effective scrubbing. Ideal for scrubbing tough stains, this best toilet bowl cleaner brush has stiffer outer bristles which are strong enough to ensure superior cleaning power.

The brush boasts the dirt-free design with a unique magnetic collar that secures the cover to the stainless steel rod, allowing you to carry them together without dripping. A slim and dome-shaped cover helps in keeping the brush hygienic and discretely hidden when not in use.

As for durability, the brush entails a high-quality stainless steel rod that’s durable and can stand up to vigorous use. The plunger flange has a narrow and long profile which makes it great for modern toilets, and the design withstands constant use.

Also, the cup has a decent build and won’t wear out even during regular use, unlike other plungers boasting the flimsy plastic. The feet of this unit are designed to prevent the chances of sliding when the plunger is taken out.

What’s even more beautiful about this item is that it’s easy to replace the bristles once they go bad. You’ll simply need to unscrew the head and replace the bristles.

Similarly, you won’t incur any replacement costs for the caddy and the handle whenever they need to be replaced. The [amazon link="B00GDG3T3A" title="Simplehuman toilet brush replacement brush head" /] is also readily available and the replacement process is super easy!

What We Loved

  • Great cleaning power
  • Sturdy construction
  • Clever caddy design
  • High-quality and durable bristles
  • Great build quality

What Could Be Better

  • The wand might attract rust

2.  OXO 1281600 Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison

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If the Simplehuman is out of stock and you need a compact, stylish and efficient model, then the OXO Hideway Compact Toilet Brush would still suffice. It does a decent job in cleaning bathroom seats and concealed spaces where germs and bacteria tend to accumulate.

What stands out from this item is its excellent bristles, which clean just as good as the Simplehuman. Its holder is immensely satisfying to use, and it does hide the business end from view.

You’ll love the OXO’s brush-hiding caddy, which practically opens and closes without any effort. This practicality is augmented by a spring-loaded, weighted hinge at the base which flicks the holder open when the brush is pulled up.

The holder stays open and only closes when the brush is inserted back again. This OXO is different from the solid reservoir caddies containing cheaper brushes. It’s designed such that the bristles are completely dried between uses.

As our runner-up recommendation, this best toilet bowl cleaner brush has a 5-inch diameter caddy, which feels stable and won’t tip over easily. The unit has a sleek base with two stiffness levels on the brush head.

At the top of the head are white and stiffer bristles for under-rim cleaning; while on the base are longer, blue bristles for scrubbing the bowl. The corrugated texture allows each bristle to pick up significant grime without flicking much water.

This compact unit is about 16.5 inches long, which is about an inch or two shorter than higher-priced OXO cousins. This shorter length is a blessing in disguise, because longer brushes are sometimes punishing to use. Plus, the OXO’s shorter length makes storage in an undersink cabinet a breeze.

What We Loved

  • Compact canister design for easy storage
  • Handle is comfortable to hold
  • Brush head entails durable bristles
  • Tapered brush head shape ensures deep cleaning
  • Built-in trap tray at the base of the canister catches excess water for quicker evaporation

What Could Be Better

  • Clever caddy design can be tricky to clean
  • Hinges can attract muck and water

3.  OXO 12225900 Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison

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The OXO 12225900 is among the best toilet brushes we’ve tasted so far, and is ideal for those of us who value simplicity in storage. Ideal for any bathroom, the unit has a very distinct canister design, which facilitates effortless storage of the toilet brush.

The canister door opens automatically when you lift up the brush, allowing you to neatly store it when not in use. Aside from the canister, this toilet plunger has a very comfortable handle that provides an easy and secure grip.

The handle boasts a flat surface that’s not only durable but also ideal for plunging. The tapered plunger head has sturdy blue bristles that are suitable for deep cleaning the toilet bowl.

Moreover, the plunger head is compatible with various types of modern toilets, so it’ll be easier to use in deep cleaning the bowl rim and other areas of the bowl that seem hard to reach.

Another thing you’re going to love about this model is the flexible neck, which ensures it can recline to fit the shape of any toilet bowl. As for the design, the canister plays a crucial role in hiding the plunger until it’s time to put it to use.

This, combine with trouble-free and sanitary storage, makes the OXO 12225900 an ideal option for many homeowners with limited storage space.

Once you’re through with toilet cleanup, the canister accelerates quicker and effective drying of the brush head. This is made possible thanks to the canister drip tray featuring ventilation slots that enable water to quickly evaporate.

What We Loved

  • Easy storage of the brush inside the canister
  • Canister door automatically opens on lifting toilet brush
  • Durable and comfortable handle provides secure grip
  • Excellent for bathrooms with a small space
  • Canister includes ventilation slots that accelerate drying

What Could Be Better

  • A water leak does occur at the base (though rarely)
  • Issues of water accumulating at the base (not evaporating) have been reported

4.  ToiletTree Products Freestanding Toilet Brush

7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison

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This is the best toilet brush and holder that’s made of stainless steel and rust-resistant metal. Aside from being rust free, the brushed stainless steel finish has a trendy design and would look stylish when kept on the wall near the shower. Its compactness and elegance will accentuate any décor.

People who’ve used this product praise its thoughtful design and incredible sturdiness. Thus, it’ll be able to live up to the most rigorous use situations.

The holder consists of an automatic closing lid, which also shuts up automatically when the brush is pulled up and remains that way as you work. It also closes up instantly when you insert the brush back into the holder, thus keeping things neat and clean. We really loved the smooth mechanics of this brush and plunger combo.

Ideal for use in damp or humid bathrooms, the unit flaunts proper ventilation helping to keep rust at bay. Additionally, replacing the toilet brush head is easy-peasy, because the screws are easy to remove without any technical knowhow.

Worth noting, the set come equipped with a solid stand that prevents tipping or flipping over during use, unlike cheap plastics that are easy to fall. What’s more, the plunger and brush combo stay firmly within the sturdy canister, making everything pretty secure.

What We Loved

  • Brush and plunger combo has a very nice design and accentuates any decor
  • Heavy-duty holder
  • Toilet brush comes without any hassle
  • Rust-resistant and ideal for damp bathrooms
  • Solid and long-lasting construction

What Could Be Better

  • Smaller size may not suffice some users
  • Bin resembles a styled can

5.  Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set

7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison

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Mr. Clean is an affordable option intended for the budget-conscious buyers. Despite boasting a very reasonable price tag, this caddy set comprises plunger and bowl, and both go into the same holder.

For this reason, not only does it make toilet cleaning easy and effective, but also makes storage a breeze even in confined spaces. The unit entails a large round brush whose dome shape allows you to clean the bowl in a moment’s notice and is able to reach into every corner including under the seat.

On the front of the brush are tough bristles for eliminating the dark deep stains from the bowl surface. There’s no need to rub too hard – simply be gentle and the brush will do the dirty job!

Even more, a mishmash of blue and white bristles is an added bonus. This is because it notifies you in the event some filth is stuck on your bristles.

When it comes to the handle, this best toilet bowl brush features a rubberized handle which offers a comfortable hold for extended cleaning without being fatigued. The rubber grip adds more support, enabling you to maintain your toilet’s cleaning regime without much fuss.

Mr. Clean’s plunger is much better than any average local plunger out there. It provides a tight hold and covers a broad space, so you can clean easily without too much exertion. And since it’s made of durable plastic, it’ll never attract rust in any way.

What We Loved

  • High-quality bristles
  • Large, round and dome shaped brush for effortless cleaning
  • Rubberized plunger handle ensures comfortable and secure grip
  • Made of plastic material and will never rust
  • Very budget-friendly

What Could Be Better

  • 12.5-inch handle length is a little bit on the shorter end
  • Rubberized plunger might be flimsy

6.  iDesign Duetto Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush

7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison

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The iDesign Duetto Plastic Toilet Bowl & Brush Holder is a top-rated brush that befits anyone who values comfort while cleaning the toilet. It features a 17.2-inch long handle, which is comfortable enough to keep as much distance as possible from the bowl water.

The handle offers a perfect grip on the brush for extended cleaning without tiring. The brush head diameter is about 4 inches and has a fixed lid on top that prevents water from blobbing out.

This toilet brush is equipped with stiff bristles that can quickly the filth from every area of the bowl, consuming less time and effort while at it. Since they’re nicely embedded in the handle, they’ll never fall out even after some rough cleaning sessions.

The tasteful holder and handle are made of premium durable plastic with chrome accents which discretely hide the set when not in use. Also, the holder is compact enough to fit snugly into small corners or narrow spaces of your bathroom thus optimizing space.

The base of the holder is wide and sturdy to avoid the likelihood of tipping over. Cleaning fluid can be kept in the base of the holder, which means it’s almost impossible for the brush to get dirty.

We didn’t like some metal parts at the end of the bristles though, because the metal gripping can rust. So, you’ll need to keep it off the sun’s reach.

What We Loved

  • Excellent holder design
  • Premium quality plastic
  • Closed container
  • Stylish chrome accents to match every bathroom decor
  • Replaceable brush head

What Could Be Better

  • Some metal parts on the bristle can attract rust
  • The brush sits high in the holder so the holder must be half full to cover the brush

7.  Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab

7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison7 Best Toilet Brushes of 2022- Reviews & Comparison

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The Fuller’s Toilet Bowl Swab might just be the right option for many homeowners who hate the nasty odor coming from most toilets. The yarn of this brush comes complete with antimicrobial agent treatment which prevents odor-creating germs and fungi from developing.

Besides, there are many other cool features that make this bowl swab stand out from the crowd. Let’s begin with its head, which leans more toward a mop than a brush. It might interest you to learn that this is the only mop styled brush in our list.

If you’ve been experiencing issues with scratched bowls, then this unit is recommendable for you. You can’t expect it to cause any harm to the bowl surface – never!

The yarn used to produce this mop is of synthetic material. It ensures less wastage and greater efficiency by absorbing the cleaning solution and using it to clean the surface.

This tool prevents the excess water from forming after cleaning, because it lets you wring out the water using the plastic cup that accompanies the mop. The cup also safeguards your hands from coming into contact with the harmful toilet water, and you can use gloves for even better protection.

Long handles are good when it comes to toilet cleaning, and the Fuller comes with an 18.5-inch long handle. This way, you’ll be able to reach every hidden area of your toilet bowl whilst keeping the most distance from the filth. All in all, Fuller meets everyone’s expectations at a low price tag.

What We Loved

  • Antimicrobial agent treatment
  • Impressive mop-style brush
  • Little to no wastage of cleaning solution
  • Hand protection
  • Safeguards the bowl surface from scratching

What Could Be Better

  • Mop style brushes might take time to clean
  • 18.5-inch handle might not be ideal in terms of storage

How to Choose the Best Toilet Cleaning Brush

To avoid spending money on an item blindly, it’s vital to prioritize on certain essential features. The following are important factors to consider before purchasing a toilet brush:

  • Check the scrubbing head

It’s important that you take a closer look at the scrubbing head of the brush that you intend to buy. A good brush should be strong and sturdy to enable you to clean in the best possible way.

Brushes with a good scrubbing head also make it easier to clean the most stubborn dirt or stain on the toilet bowl.

  • Consider the size & design of the brush

Take a keen look at the size of the brush to ensure it’ll be able to fit your toilet bowl snugly. As for the design, it’s worth choosing the toilet brush whose design can match your bathroom’s décor.

Remember, brushes are different in terms of design, size, shape, and color. So choose one that’s gonna amplify the décor of your bathroom.

  • How comfortable is the handle?

It’s crucial to get the brush whose handle provides a comfortable grip for enhanced cleaning time. The handle can be made of soft plastic or metal, but in spite of the material just make sure it provides proper grip.

The best toilet cleaning brush naturally ensure a firm and comfortable grip. And if you choose ones with metal handles, they must be corrosion free.

  • How about length and flexibility?

A good toilet brush should flaunt the right length, neither too short nor too long. If too short, it’s more likely to come into contact with the interior and if too long, more cleaning effort will be needed on your end and cleaning might not be as thorough.

In terms of flexibility, the brush’s handle shouldn’t be too rigid or too soft. If too stiff, chances of it flicking or throwing water at you are higher. And if too flexible, you’ll expend too much effort in cleaning.

  • Toilet brush storage

Make sure the brush and the accessories are easy to store in a small bathroom space. Sure, you may be having a spacious bathroom and storage isn’t gonna be an issue.

However, try to steer clear of bulky brushes that are easily noticeable in the bathroom. Go for models that are compactly designed but still functional.

  • What about the brush material?

It’s good to pay attention to the material from which the brush is made, because this has a great influence on longevity of the item. If you go the plastic way, make sure the plastic is of high quality.

Poor-quality plastic type easily breaks under pressure. Plus, it is highly likely to melt if used along with water that’s overly hot.

  • Pay attention to odor control

Each time you clean the toilet using a toilet brush, bacteria cling onto the brush irrespective of the chemicals you use. These bacteria feast on the bristles and discharge a gas that makes you wrinkle your nose.

For proper odor control, choose a brush that has anti-microbial treatments. This is to avoid the smelly bacteria from building on the brush.

  • Check other extras

Each brush is unique when it comes to extra features. Some have bristles that don’t get stained easily; others have a special handle that takes maneuverability to a whole new level.

There are also other brushes that come with anti-slip handles designed to prevent the brush from slipping off your hands. To determine what extra features you might like, check the product description from our review and pick out any special feature that might ameliorate your cleaning experience.

Final Verdict

There are more than a dozen toilet brushes in the contemporary market that are beautiful yet functional and effective. Even so, these tools are poles apart when it comes to their unique features and strengths.

Thus, when picking out th ebest disposable toilet brush for keeping your toilet germ-free and hygienic, it’s necessary to keep your toilet needs under consideration in order to buy accordingly.

For instance, ask yourself what color and shape of the toilet brush would ameliorate your toilet’s decor? Also think about the size of the brush that you intend to buy because this will determine how cool the storage will be.

Provided you put the right factors into account, finding the best toilet brush ain’t a difficult endeavor. The [amazon link  Simplehuman Toilet Brush won’t be a bad choice if you need an all-around perfect brush that fits every job at hand.

However, if you need to keep the malevolent toilet odor under control, then the Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab would be perfect instead. This mop style brush has been treated with antimicrobial properties to keep odor at bay.