For in-depth carpet cleaning, we advocate for the best portable carpet cleaner as it can blast tough dirt with little-to-no exertion. Portability, reliability and convenience play a pivotal role when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Our team has assessed several carpet cleaning machines over the last couple of months, and the Bissell Spot Clean Pro 3624 seems to be checking all the boxes.

Being sleek and compact, this best portable spot cleaner lets you clean a lot easier and faster than ever before. Through our portable carpet cleaner reviews, we divulge other awesome models that make carpet and upholstery cleaning a cinch.

9 Best Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners - Reviews

1.  Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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Having passed our thresholds and graced a lot of spot carpet cleaner reviews online, Bissell 3624 is overall the best portable carpet cleaner in the market today. It’s lightweight and portable (at 13.2 pounds), thus enhancing mobility around the home for convenient cleaning.

The unit’s motor has a 5.7 amps power rating, generating powerful suction and robust scrubbing action. It removes tough stains and spots from carpeted stairs, upholstery, and more.

The machine entails a large-capacity ¾ gallon (96 ounces) tanks, so you can clean a large area without adding water and cleaning solution recurrently in one session. This drastically simplifies your cleaning process.

The 22-ft power cord and 5-ft long hose provide a great reach. Accordingly, you’ll be able to focus on carpet cleaning without re-plugging the machine.

The hose also tackles stains and spots in hard-to-reach places, and you have no reason to worry about a specific stain not being removed – right from car upholstery to carpets and anything in between.

The Bissell 3624 combines high suction power, cleaning formula, and water to handle all kinds of cleaning issues at home. A handy 6-inch stair attachment is meant for cleaning stairs, larger furniture and hard-to-reach spots.

The tough stain tool is effective in eliminating dried-in stain. This professional portable carpet cleaner includes the professional-grade trial-size BISSELL cleaning formula, which gives carpets a deep-down clean.

With its portable design, putting the attachments on it and filling the tank with the cleaning formula is simple. If properly maintained, it can stay in good shape for longer, giving you the best value for money.

What We Loved

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Highly portable and maneuverable
  • Great suction power
  • Removes permanent stains
  • Great for pet parents
  • Easy storage in tight corners

What Could Be Better

  • Hose construction is not rigid enough
  • Cord limits the range of the device

2.  Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner, FH11300PC

9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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The best portable spot cleaner by Hoover is the Spotless FH11300PC Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner. It’s got multiple tools for different purposes, hence deserves to be the best multipurpose spot cleaner.

The Hoover FH11300PC can clean carpets, pet hair, upholstery, and other areas without fuss. At just 9 pounds, it qualifies to be one of the lightest and most portable carpet cleaners on the market.

This machine is equipped with the dual tank technology, which separates clean water from dirty water. For this reason, you no longer have to drag dirty water on your carpeted floors while cleaning.

Its 3.5-amp motor yields impeccable suction power, enough to lift and remove stains from carpets, upholstery, stairs, and more. It also uses hygienic deep cleaning tools that extract dirt and stain from virtually any surface.

As it combines the spray and scrubbing action, it automatically generates a high-performance stain solution for cleaning carpeted floors, upholsteries, and car interiors. This is also the best small carpet cleaner for pet hair.

The machine’s hose uses the patented self-clean technology to loosen the pet hair and remove it effectively. The cleaner also uses the antimicrobial multipurpose tool which protects against mold, mildew, and bacteria as you extract spots and stains.

Its 5-ft hose lets you clean hard-to-reach areas of your carpet, upholstery, stairs, and more. This portable cleaner is ultra-lightweight, compact and portable.

Its compact and lightweight stature adds to the overall maneuverability. It’s only 15 inches tall and lets you store it anywhere without being concerned about space.

Being compact, lightweight and easy to store, the FH11300PC spotless portable carpet & upholstery spot cleaner is a remarkable addition to your carpet cleaning arsenal.

What We Loved

  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Strong suction
  • Great design and build
  • Easy to refill the tank
  • Includes Expert Clean Gel for more stubborn stains
  • Compact design for painless storage

What Could Be Better

  • 15-ft electric cord could be longer
  • The agitating head is lacking

3.  Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum

9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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The Rug Doctor is another best portable spot cleaner offering a great way to keep your carpets super clean and spotless. It might seem heavier than other models at 19.84 pounds.

However, it makes up for its rather hefty weight with two carpet-friendly wheels and a foldable handlebar for ease of use. The machine boasts of more power and bigger containers for quick cleanup anywhere, anytime.

In fact, it has two times more suction power than other portable carpet spot cleaners. It’s great at scrubbing the deeply embedded dirt and lifting it off the carpet.

This unit can clean stairs, inside of your car, and even hard-to-reach places. Not only does it remove stains, but it also addresses odors, spills and pet messes.

With a compact design and easy-carry handle, the Rug Doctor is easy to lift and carry. Its 5.5-ft flexible hose helps clean stains and spills in hard-to-reach areas.

The durable carpet-friendly wheels facilitate smooth gliding over carpeted surfaces without getting stuck.  The available handheld motorized brush oscillates 120 times per minute, breaking up stains rooted deep within the carpet fibers.

Since the motorized brush requires no manual effort for scrubbing, it cuts back on elbow grease and reduces the time spent on cleaning. The vac’s detachable tanks separate clean water and dirty water, thus preventing the contamination of floors.

As for storage, the entire machine is small in size and can be stored even in the smallest closets. The retractable handle also compresses itself so it takes less space.

What We Loved

  • High suction power with 10-amps motor
  • Overall compact size
  • Easy to move from room to room
  • Two-tank system for holding large quantities of water
  • Extendable handle and wheels for effortless maneuverability
  • Excellent price-to-power ratio

What Could Be Better

  • The tank is inconvenient to fill in comparison to its alternatives
  • The side opening on the dirty water tank can leak sometimes

4.  Bissell 33N8 SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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Bissell is widely known for manufacturing some of the best spot carpet cleaners on the market. No wonder the Bissell SpotBot 33N8 has managed to impress us.

This model has pretty much everything you need in a portable carpet cleaner. And it comes pre-programmed with different cleaning modes for use on different types of messes.

The cleaner is one of the few portable carpet cleaning machines whose automated setup enables you to choose a mode, and the cleaner does the rest for you. For those of us who own pets, this is also the best portable carpet cleaner for pet stains. 

The Spotbot cleaner uses the deep reach technology to remove deep down pet messes from the bottom up. This function delivers water and cleaning formula into carpet fibers, and then gently scrubs to eliminate permanent pet stain.

Its unique spiral brushing action completes over 400 cleaning cycles per minute, ensuring thorough removal of stubborn stains. The Bissell 33N8 executes hands-free stain and spot removal on carpets and area rugs, with the simple push of a button.

Equipped with two preset cleaning cycles, it can automatically spray, brush and suction pet messes and set-in stains in quick action. The tool flaunts a compact design that guarantees convenient handling and storage.

There’s the on-board hose and tough-stain tool for cleaning hard-to-reach places on stairs, upholstery, and auto interiors. Overall, the Bissell 33N8 is a compact cleaning machine for removing surface debris and embedded pet stains from carpets, area rugs, and more.

What We Loved

  • Hands-free and spotless cleaning process
  • Automatic leaning – does all the hard work
  • Deep reach technology for extra-tough stains
  • Unique spiral brushing action
  • Two trial formulas for best results
  • Ideal for pet owners

What Could Be Better

  • At 14 lbs, it seems too heavy for some users
  • 15-ft power cord is a little shorter

5.  Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1400B

9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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Bissell is one of the household names in the portable carpet cleaner spectrum, which is why we must include the Bissell 1400B on this list.

With 9.6 pounds it is downright light and easy to transport anywhere around your home. Ostensibly, it is one of the lightest and smallest models in Bissell’s lineup of portable cleaning machines.

Despite being a tiny little machine, it delivers powerful suction that gets rid of spills and stains deep within the carpet fibers, and effectively dries it in time. The machine combines the powerful suction of 3 amps with strong spray action to take on tough spots and stains, focusing on both stain and spot treatment.

This ultra-lightweight machine uses little water to get the cleanup task done right, working great on accidental spills like beverage slicks and pet poops. This multi-purpose portable carpet cleaner is built using 50% recycled plastic, making it the best multipurpose vacuum for those who fancy units with an eco-friendly design.

The vacuum offers a large 48-oz capacity water tank as well as 19-ft cleaning reach, helping you clean a large area without refilling or changing outlets regularly. The 15-ft long cord eliminates the need to constantly re-plug the vacuum in different positions.

The Bissell 1400B comes equipped with a 3-inch tough stain tool and the trial-size spot & stain formula for loosening and eliminating set-in stains on carpets, stairs, auto interiors, area rugs, etc. Combined with the powerful suction, it can lift and remove deep-down dirt, stains, and spots quickly and effectively. More importantly, this unit has a small and compact design for effortlessly storage in cabinets.

What We Loved

  • Great for conscious buyers as 50% is recycled plastic
  • Pretty lightweight and slim design
  • Sprays and suctions in one step
  • Highly portable and easy to transport  
  • Multipurpose and addresses different cleaning needs
  • Up to 19-ft cleaning reach

What Could Be Better

  • Water tank occasionally leaks if overfilled
  • Head easily gets clogged with debris

6.  BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet Cleaner

9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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Cleaning the carpet and upholstery using heated water is a great idea because the process is bound to become faster and more effective. If you are searching for the best portable steam cleaner, look no further than the Bissell 14259 ProHeat Little Green Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

Instead of using room temperature, the Little Green has a built-in heating system where water is heated up to 25-degree Fahrenheit. Like most other models from Bissell, the device is pretty compact and lightweight at 11.6 pounds, making it blatantly simple to haul up and down the stairways.

The unit’s real value lies in the 9-amp motor, which executes a generous amount of standard suction for powering the water heater to boost the cleaning results. The cleaner combines the 25 degrees hotter water and cleaning formula to loosen and lift stains and soils off carpeted floors and upholsteries.

The heat facilitates the removal of stains without scrubbing the surface to an extent of causing irreversible damage to the carpet. The hose gets you 4 feet cleaning reach, which appears somehow short, but the 15-ft long power cord further increases the reach.

This best portable steam cleaner features a dual-tank system with a 49-oz dirt tank capacity. It makes it a painless endeavor to clean across many areas of your home without frequent emptying trips.

There is the 2-in-1 crevice tool for cleaning deep into crevices and corners, through a combination of suction and spray. Also available is the 3-inch tough stain tool tasked with cleaning those places that are hard to reach.

Overall, this portable unit has a pretty compact and lightweight blueprint for extra mobility and storage in any space.

What We Loved

  • Built-in water heating system
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable design
  • Exceptionally easy to assemble and use
  • Flexible hose for cleaning the tiniest spots
  • Large 49-oz dirt tank capacity
  • Two extra tools for any task at hand

What Could Be Better

  • Less budget-friendly than other models in the same class
  • The nozzle can be sensitive to rigorous cleaning and requires absolute caution

7.  Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is one of the best portable rug cleaners we have today. This deep cleaning machine uses cross-action scrubbing brushes with oscillating bristles that scour the carpet fibers from every angle. It then lifts away worked-in dirt and stains, leaving behind a clean and soft plush carpet.

At 24 pounds, it might not be as light as expected, but it’s easy to steer and maneuver across surfaces. With the inclusion of extra large carpet-friendly wheels, it becomes easy to wheel and steer the machine over carpets and area rugs for deep cleaning.

This deep carpet cleaner also features a collapsible handle that lets you keep it out of the way when not in use – saving on storage space. The device flaunts 75% more suction power than other carpet cleaning machines, cutting down cleaning and drying time by up to 3 hours.

The powerful suction helps extract and remove deep stains for a quicker cleanup, with a 12-inch suction head for cleaning large areas. For high-traffic or heavily soiled areas that demand extra attention, the super boost setting comes in handy in deep cleaning those places.

The extra-long 7.7-ft hose enables you to tackle stains and spots in hard-to-reach areas like crevices and corners. This item includes simple lift tanks that make filling and dumping super easy, plus a wide-mouth design for painless rinsing of tanks.

Regarding storage, there is a removable too caddy for keeping accessories organized and within reach.

What We Loved

  • Best-in-class suction power
  • Large carpet-friendly wheels for easy steering
  • Dual cross-action brushes for scrubbing walked-in dirt
  • Easy to fill and dump
  • Collapsible handle for pain-free storage
  • Up to 12-inch wide suction head for cleaning large areas

What Could Be Better

  • A little too heavy at 24 lbs
  • Too loud

8.  BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner, 2458

9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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BISSELL 2458 SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner brings you powerful suction in a compact and lightweight profile. Standing at only 13 pounds, this small-but-mighty portable carpet cleaner is straightforward and convenient to transport from place to place.

Its small silhouette also makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places around your home, areas where a full-sized unit cannot reach. This cleaner gets you the Pro results by combining powerful suction, professional pet cleaning solution, and brushing action to remove stubborn pet stains with absolute simplicity.

For this reason, it qualifies to be the best portable carpet cleaner for pet stains, too. Its self-contained stain trapper tool keeps pet messes and liquids inside the tool, and out of the machine.

For extra reach, it features the 22-ft long power cod and 5-ft long hose, allowing you to reach difficult spaces without changing power outlets.

It also has a large capacity tank that holds ¾ gallons at a go, making it possible to move farther between refills. With this portable cleaning system, you can go up and down the stairs and remove caked-in dirt and stains easily, without having to empty and refill the solution.

The unit is standard with BISSELL professional-grade cleaning formula that gives carpets a deep-down clean. You can clean multiple surfaces with this, including carpeted stairs, area rugs, auto interiors, upholstery, etc.

More importantly, the purchase includes a trial-size professional pet urine eliminator plus oxy for removing pet urine and the accompanying odors.

What We Loved

  • Extremely lightweight and portable at 13 lbs
  • Super suction power from 5.7 amps motor
  • Slim design for ease of cleaning in tight spaces
  • Extended cleaning reach
  • Large capacity tank
  • Multiple pet tools

What Could Be Better

  • This pet version is expensive
  • Hose weakens with heavy use

9.  BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser 2003T

9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison9 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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The last product in our portable carpet cleaner reviews is the BISSELL 2003T Cordless Pet Stain Eraser. Weighing in at just under 4.6 pounds, it’s extremely lightweight, portable and easy to move anywhere around the house.

It can clean all sorts of messes caused by pets and pet owners, such as pet urine, grape juice, coffee, cola, etc. It makes use of spray, scrub and suction to remove stains from a variety of surfaces, without having to get intimate with the mess.

The cleaner also uses the stationary spot and stain brush to get rid of pet stains and spills from those places that are tough to reach. What makes it stand out is the fact that it gives you the cordless freedom of a lithium-powered handheld cleaner, allowing you to lift away spills and spots from carpet and upholstery, without clumsy power cords.

This unit features a 7.2-Volts lithium-ion battery, which gets you 15 minutes of continuous runtime. The battery takes less than 4 hours to fully charge, ensuring you are always ready to grab and go.

Also available is a professional trial spot & stain with oxy formula for instantly removing permanent stains and messes from various surfaces.

This cleaning formula is always ready to use as it requires no mixing with water. The machine has a slot where you can store the formula conveniently, so it is ready when the need arises. Above all, the 2003T is easy to clean and maintain.

What We Loved

  • Powerful fade-free suction
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Cordless freedom and convenience
  • Ideal for pet messes and odors
  • Includes 2 trial-size formulas
  • Easy to fill and easy to detach suction nozzle for cleaning and maintenance  

What Could Be Better

  • Charge never lasts, and is so slow to charge
  • Leaks the dirty water as it sucks it up

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Carpet Cleaner

With a slew of options on offer, choosing the best portable carpet cleaner is no walk in the park. Gladly, we’re gonna share with you some factors to consider before actualizing the purchase. Check out for the following key aspects to avoid investing in an item blindly:

  • Portability

Portability must be the number one aspect to consider before moving on to other minor elements. Speaking of portability, the fundamental points to consider are the weight and size of the device. A lighter and smaller carpet cleaner is pretty much effortless to move around and store in a narrow space.

The best portable carpet cleaner is a life-saving solution for people who experience challenges carrying a heavy cleaning appliance. A model weighing 15 pounds or less is ideal for cleaning carpets with minimal effort. But if you fancy a slightly heavier product, choose one with wheels and handle to help you drag the unit without breaking a sweat.

  • Suction Power

The second most important factor is suction power. best carpet spot cleaner machine with greater suction power have a higher capacity to remove dirt, stain, and pet hair from your carpeted floors. Always opt for models with a high suction power, since they are great at sucking up the cleaning solution and water.

Units with weak suction power are highly likely to leave stains on your carpets, or even make them too soggy. To avoid a situation like this, choose the right equipment whose power is sufficient to remove as much water as possible. Of course, you don’t want the machine to leave the carpet wet, because a wet carpet is home to molds and mildew!

  • Power Cord & Hose Length

This is another very important factor to keep in mind when purchasing the best spot carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners with a long power cord and hose make it possible to clean a large area without changing power outlets every time and again. An extended power cord and hose can save you a lot of time while cleaning.

You will be able to reach all aspects of your room without having to shift the power outlets even an inch. It also makes it a lot easier to navigate all sorts of obstacles scattered on your path. Of course, the choice of cord and hose length is dependent upon the portable carpet cleaner model you purchase.

An extended cleaning reach might not be of any essence if you prefer a lighter and compact carpet cleaning machine. As it is light and compact, you will find it simple to move from room to room and up and down the stairways with minimal effort. Conversely, if you opt for a heavier machine that is difficult to move, having a long cord and hose will be very useful.

  • Tank Capacity

Unlike traditional carpet cleaners, best spot carpet cleaner work pretty well in homes for they are smaller, lighter and more compact. But then again, they have smaller tank size for water and cleaning solution, and cannot beat the full-sized models which carry big capacity tanks. The size of the tank determines the number of trips you will make to the bathroom before finishing the cleanup.

For those who intend to do heavy cleaning, the rule of thumb is to choose a model with a bigger tank. This helps you tackle in-depth cleaning without making frequent refilling trips, allowing you to complete the task on time. However, if you are only planning to spot clean occasionally, a small tank size will do just fine.

Pro Tip: Make sure the tanks are easy to use and not prone to leaking.

  • Cleaning Path

Simply put, the cleaning path implies to the maximum area an attachment, head or brush can cover at once. The industry standard cleaning path for most portable carpet cleaning machines is 3 inches, facilitating access to most areas around furniture. To make the cleaning path wider and more focused and the job quicker, choose the best portable carpet cleaner with attachments or accessories for furniture or stairs.

If you need to clean the car seats and furniture, you might want to use a more focused or smaller tool to get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Additionally, if you wish to clean the stairs, make sure the machine has a stair tool for cleaning stairs. All of these tools amplify the cleaning path in order to save you lots of time while cleaning.

  • Pet Capabilities

The best portable vacuums are a boon for people who own pets. They perform much better than regular vacuums when it comes to cleaning up potty training accidents alongside other messes which pets leave behind – particularly dogs. Although most portable carpet cleaners can clean up pet messes, some models are specially engineered for cleaning homes with pets.

Therefore, if you own a pet, search for a portable carpet cleaner that includes the word “pet” somewhere on the label. Whether it is a quick cleanup on sofa or a thorough wipe of pet hair, models designed for cleaning pet messes can do the trick. They even have the capacity to tackle the most stubborn stains with ease.

  • Storage-friendly

There is time for using the equipment for cleaning carpeted floors, and there is also time for storing it after use. A carpet cleaner that is not storage-friendly tends to occupy a lot of space in the room. In this regard, choose a portable carpet cleaner that is smaller and easy to store.

Most of these machines are smaller and more compact, yet do not sacrifice the power to clean an entire room. Also, a good number of them come with a cord wrap for ease of unwinding the cord for effortless storage. Lucky for you, most of the products on our review are downright easy to store even in the smallest storage spaces.

Final Verdict

Opting for the best portable carpet cleaner is a sure-fire way to ensure our carpets are in good shape and pristine condition. After assessing more than a dozen carpet cleaners that are portable and equally powerful, we’re convinced that the Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Corded Carpet Cleaner leads the multitude.

At just 13.2 pounds, it’s sure to enhance mobility around your home for effective and convenient cleaning. The unit’s motor has a 5.7 amps power rating and churns out ample suction and strong scrubbing action. This helps remove tough stains and spots from carpeted stairs, upholstery, and more. It combines high suction power, cleaning formula, and water to handle all kinds of messes at home.

As we go, we sincerely hope that our portable carpet cleaner reviews and buyer’s guide will help you select the best unit that matches your unique cleaning needs. In case of any inquiries, simply drop us a line down here in the comments section.