Microfiber mops are versatile cleaning tools designed to make your housekeeping efficient, accurate, and less time-intensive. Over the last five years, we’ve been researching and testing hundreds of the best microfiber mops to determine the ones that fit all kinds of lifestyles and living situations. Throughout this period, we (including many other users) still consider the Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System with Washable Pads  as the premium-quality choice for hardwood, laminate, tile, and other types of floors.

In our microfiber mop reviews, we feature high-tech products ranging from flat head models to cotton string ones and even spin mops. You’ll also find dry and wet mop options right here. Without further delay, let’s get started.

1.  Turbo Microfiber Floor Cleaning System with Washable Pads

Best Microfiber Mop

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Every mop we feature in our microfiber mop reviews is undoubtedly great, but we think that the Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System really stands out. Based on our meticulous tests for the past five years, Turbo Mop checks all the boxes and over-delivers when it comes to performance. Unlike regular mops where dry and wet pads are separate, Turbo Mop serves as both a dry and wet mop (two-in-one), and includes multiple attachments for cleaning various sections of the house, such as the garage, kitchen, and even walls.

Who should get this? 

The Turbo Mop is great for anyone looking for a lightweight, durable and feature-rich mop that makes cleaning less of a hassle (and more of fun). It is very adjustable, so no matter what your height is, you’ll have no problems using it and it won’t hurt your back. Rest assured the Turbo Mop exceeds the expectations in terms of performance.

What we liked? 

What we liked most about this mop is its 360-degree rotating swivel on the mop’s head, which facilitates a fast and efficient cleanup of hard-to-reach places. The mop’s head also has a pretty low-profile design so that it can slide beneath couches and other related obstacles. You can securely use this item on just about any surface, including tiles, wood, cement, and so much more. It also performs optimally at dust mopping pet hair, because the pad features unique wedge-shaped looped microfibers.

Regarding the design and build, the Turbo Mop has a user-friendly design, with the telescoping handle that can extend up to 60 inches. Being able to stretch (from 35 all the way to 60 inches) allows for plenty of customization options, as the extra length can accommodate tall people as well as the elderly and disabled, hence minimizing stress and fatigue. All you need to do is pull the handle to your desired height and twist the locking mechanism on the middle to affix it into position.

This revolutionary microfiber mop has got two mop sizes in place, namely the 11” and 17”. You’ll be able to use the smaller one for cleaning areas with small hallways, and it’s suitable for people living in apartments, because it’s easier to control. The larger model is adequate for use in commercial settings.

The two microfiber pads are designed to be hand/machine washable (up to 100 times) and eco-friendly, thus saving on both money and Mother Nature. Mop pads are attached to the fixed Velcro on the mop head, which allows for ease of removing and rewashing. You can reuse, rewash, refill, and replace at all times when the need arises.

Flaws but not deal breakers

The Turbo Mop is not for use on laminated floors as they can warp the surface – probably the only downside to this microfiber mop.

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2.  Temples Pride Professional Microfiber Dry & Wet Cleaning Mop

microfiber mop review

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If our main pick above is out of stock, you can buy the Temples Pride Microfiber Mop if it’s available at your time of purchase. Like the Turbo Mop, the Temples Pride is a wet and dry mop loaded with attachments for a wide variety of applications, right from hardwood to laminate to tile, and stone. It comes with three mop pads specially designed for different mopping needs.

Who should get this? 

Do you have a pet that sheds a lot? If so, then the Temples Pride microfiber mop is designed for you. It features the typical dry dusting pad made from ultra-fine open weave microscopic filters, whose task involves attracting pet hair, dust and fur. Used without any moisture, this special type of pad can sweep the floor in seconds, and is particularly useful for households with pets.

What we liked? 

We particularly loved the mop’s advanced drag resistant wet mopping pad, with a dense weave structure for maximizing fibers per square inch. Maximizing fibers results in an ultra-absorbent pad, which has superior bacteria removal properties. It can trap up to 99.9% of bacteria without dragging and spreading them around the floor. Due to its incredible absorption, it is suitable for use as a bathroom floor mop.

The drag resistant pad is ideally a combination of the two types of microfiber strips; namely the drag resistant wet and dry pad and the super-absorbent thickly woven microfiber pad with a frill edge. The latter provides an extra electrostatic charge, enough to pick up the smallest dirt particles from corners of all kinds of surfaces, including wood, vinyl, bamboo, tile and polished stone.

The Temples Pride microfiber mop comes in two variants: the XL variant measuring 18 inches, and the standard 15.5-inch variant. The telescoping handle extends from 29-61 inches, and is further connected to the mop head by a pivoting swivel to provide a full range of motion and trouble-free mopping. Made with a lightweight and durable aluminum (weighing slightly over 2lbs), the handle is thick and pretty easy to grip. 

Pads are attached to the mop head using a Velcro bottom with a sturdy grip. It is easy to attach your own cloth and pads, using the sliding cloth holders, which can accommodate wipes of different sizes. The mop features a pivoting head and a clip for locking the mop head in position, allowing it to shift backwards and forwards on demand. If you need to clean hard-to-reach spots, simply disengage the clip to facilitate a smooth, 360-degree rotation.

Flaws but not deal breakers

The Temples Pride microfiber mop has one conspicuous flaw. Its locking clip system tends to unlock and flip if too much pressure is applied.

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3.  O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

microfiber mops reviews

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The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop comes out as our second runners up model, for many reasons. The main difference between a traditional mop and a spin mop is the hands-free wringing commitment with the spin mop. This ingenious device provides free spin for a swift and fun mopping experience.

Who should get this? 

With a special bucket design for holding water as well as wringing out the mop, this useful tool is great for anyone who needs to keep their house clean and dry in one go. The unit has a highly absorbent microfiber head that easily powers through even the most stubborn dirt.

What we liked? 

What impressed us the most is the foot pedal function on the bucket which allows for hands-free wringing, making it possible to spend the least time mopping. This high-quality, built-in foot pedal is designed to activate the spin wringing so as to control the level of water and moisture applied to floors. To activate the wringer, simply hold the mop loosely and step on the foot pedal for trouble-free and quick drying of floors.

The O-Cedar Spin Mop has a unique triangular mop-head that helps you clean into corners with ease. The flexible mop head can equally rotate up to 360 degrees, allowing you to easily maneuver it to fit (and clean) under furniture and similar obstacles. The microfiber is effective and safe for use on all hardwood floors and tiles.

Unlike conventional cloth mops, the O-Cedar Spin Mop uses a more effective deep-clean microfiber material, which picks up and absorbs stubborn grime with ease. You can use it dry for dusting floors or wet for deep cleaning surfaces. The mop head is machine-washable, and for best results, replace refill after every 3 months.

To top it all off, the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop features a telescoping handle (with mop head attached) that can be extended up to 51” long. While it is adjustable to 51 inches, taller individuals might still find it too short to use comfortably. Also, the instructions on how to adjust the telescoping handle are unclear, which could end up frustrating many users.

Flaws but not deal breakers

Although the manufacturer claims the product is splash-proof, it’ll eventually splash some liquid, especially if the bucket is holding plenty of water. The good news is; the splash is very small and barely unnoticeable since the bucket comes equipped with a splash guard to keep the spray confined within the bucket – and not all over the floor.

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4.  BISSELL PowerFresh 1940

microfiber mop reviews

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Designed with functionality and convenience in mind, BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop is a premium-quality steam mop that provides a thorough and effective clean. First, it gets rid of dirt and dust all over the floor, and then it sanitizes the whole space. This top microfiber mop is suitable for cleaning across all kinds of sealed hard floors (marble, granite, ceramic, and linoleum among others).

Who should get this?

If you prefer the deepest cleaning and longest lasting steam mop Includes: (1) microfiber soft pad, (1) microfiber scrubby pad– and have a good amount to spend – then BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop could be the best option. It’s the best steam mop for hardwood floors, which does much more than just cleaning your floors.

What we liked? 

What wowed us the most is the natural power of steam, whereby it uses no harsh chemicals that can spread over your floors. Instead, it offers a chemical-free clean, using the natural power of steam to clean and properly sanitize the floors. The mop releases strong vapor that can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria laced in common households.

For extra tough and sticky messes on floors and grout, the BISSELL 1940 breaks up the dirt easily and quickly using the flip-down easy scrubber brush. The smart set digital control enables you to customize your steam cleaning needs with 3 levels of steam.

Therefore, you can select low, medium, or high steam to meet your cleaning preferences. And don’t forget the selection is purely done through the digital control system – so no elbow grease is required on your part. We love the fact that this little creature will erase all stuck-on messes with a snap.

The BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh comes with a 23-foot power cord alongside swivel steering – both of which are ready to use in a jiffy. The swivel allows for a decent degree of control, more so when it comes to wiping ceilings and windows. The cord is robust and of high quality, so no need to worry about distortion under normal use.

Most importantly, the mop is available with the cleaning disc for a fresh aroma which offers whole-room fresh scent. It does a remarkable job on the mopped surface, reducing the need to add pressure while cleaning. And the equipment is loaded with an accessory kit consisting of the washable scrubby mop pad, washable soft mop pad, and two (2) spring breeze fragrance discs.

Flaws but not deal breakers 

There are two minor flaws that need to be fixed as soon as possible. First, the mop isn’t ideal for use with tap water, and secondly, the floor often gets hot after steaming.

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5.  Markee™ Commercial-Grade Microfiber Floor/Dust Mop with a Washable Pad

best microfiber mops

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Weighing in at just 1.7 pounds, the Markee™ Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor / Dust Mop is among the most lightweight mops in our microfiber mops reviews, and it’s easy to push or carry it around the floor. Despite being lightweight, its quality remains intact and uncompromised, as the unit sports a 16” heavy-duty aluminum trapezoid mop frame. This is complemented by a hardwearing telescoping aluminum handle, whose height is customizable to your liking.

Who should get this? 

As the name clearly implies, this is a commercial-grade mop made from high quality materials, ideal for tackling heavy messes. If you’re tired of cheap mops or pads that break and fray before time, then Markee™ Commercial-Grade unit is up to the task. Having put it through rigorous litmus tests for about 5 hours, we noticed the mop’s commercial-grade microfiber pad can sustain all cleaning endeavors in small households and large businesses, standing up to the test of time. 

What we liked? 

This commercial-grade unit has a well built microfiber smoke pad that offers utmost durability and effectiveness. Not only does it double up as a dry and wet mop, but the pad can also be used as a substitute for a sweeper broom to pick up hair and dust, serving as a better alternative to wet sponge mops. We used it to clean tile, laminate and hardwood floors – and we can throw our weight behind its impressive results.

Actually, the telescoping function can go from 37 inches through to 60 inches at the maximum. It’s ideal for taller guys as well as the elderly and the under-privileged folks. And the aluminum pole has a pretty decent finish, which neither rusts nor corrodes due to water.

Unlike our main pick and runners ups, the plastic ball-joint connecting the Markee™’s mop head to the handle is prone to coming out with vigorous mopping. The manufacturer has used a compression fitting to secure the joint and attach to the head. Velcro strips are equally used to attach the pads to the mop frame. The mop base measures 18 x 5 inches, and affords adequate swivel to reach tight corners.

When washed with concentrated bleach and hydrogen peroxide, the microfiber pads can hold up for up to 3 years. The manufacturer recommends pre-soaking in hot water and washing with a solution of mild detergent and warm water, before tumbling dry without heat. Steer clear of fabric softeners.

Flaws but not deal breakers

We weren’t delighted to know that only one microfiber pad is available as standard. Additional pads can be bought separately. Moreover, the handle tends to come undone, making it less useful to some people.

6.  LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

best microfiber wet mops

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Standing at barely 2.4 pounds, the LINKYO Microfiber Mop is significantly lightweight, and the loop positioned at the tail-end of the handle is ideal for hanging after use. This unit is also suitable for all users, because the telescoping handle can extend up to a whopping 70 inches to provide elongated access for high corners. There’s a 14.74-inch metal frame connected to a 360-degree swivel head to afford a hassle-free cleaning deep under furniture.

Who should get this? 

If you’re a regular floor cleaner, then the LINKYO Microfiber Mop is a versatile product that can be used as a wet mop and a dust mop. Designed exclusively for hardwood floors, it includes essential features with no useless shenanigans, and a reasonable price tag reflecting its outstanding performance. This professional quality device is built to last with high-quality ABS plastic, aluminum mop frame and durable stainless steel handle.

What we liked? 

The LINKYO Microfiber Mop features 3 cleaning fabrics for various cleaning demands. There are two reversible mop cloths for picking up dust and dirt, both of which can be flipped over and reused. Then there is a standard microfiber mop pad designed for wet mopping on hard floorings. The pads include scrub lines as well as a woven coral velvet pattern for removing caked-on grime or grout between the tiles.

To add to the overall convenience, the mop has a clip-on mechanism that lets you attach your specific cleaning fabric, be it old clothes or rags. The two fabrics are perfectly sized for both home and office cleaning, and they’re washable and reusable for multiple times. You can rest assured this item provides a solution you can always rely on.

Flaws but not deal breakers

There are a few things we didn’t like about the LINKYO Microfiber Mop. First, the pad absorbs very little amount of liquid and cannot be melted the way a regular mop can. Secondly, while the stainless steel handle is durable and long-lasting, it is snow-resistant and can get permanently damaged in certain areas.

There’s no need to worry though, because the mop is budget-friendly and you get exactly what you pay for. What’s more, your purchase includes a 2-year warranty.

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7.  O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop

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The O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop isn’t effective for dust cleaning as it is intended for damp mopping. It is more effective at picking up debris than traditional sponge or cloth mops, and is ideal for hardwood, tile, travertine and linoleum floors. When cleaning wooden floors like parquet, make sure to wring the mop head dry, since the surface can get damaged with too much water leftover.

Who should get this?

Are you searching for the most lightweight microfiber mop from the overcrowded market? If yes, look no further than the O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop, which weighs a meager 1 pound. It is the most lightweight of all the best microfiber wet mops, and provides precise and accurate results after every mopping session.

What we liked? 

This O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop takes a more traditional approach to design, with a circular mop head that provides extra flexibility to reach difficult corners. You can clean the entire floor with just a few swipes because the mop head is considerably large. The device comes with a telescoping hard plastic handle which can extend to up 56 inches, making it ideal for individuals of average height.

Flaws but not deal breakers 

While the quality of the microfiber is superior, we weren’t impressed with the handle portion, which tends to easily unscrew from the base. Additionally, the plastic part connecting the handle to the mop head tends to tilt onto the floor (when reaching beneath furniture), causing scratches. You’ll be forced to avoid the back and forth rhythms while mopping, and instead apply a slow-going motion.

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Best Microfiber Mop Buying Guide & FAQs

Most homeowners give less thought to microfiber mops despite being useful household cleaning appliances. A poor quality mop is highly unlikely to perform all the necessary chores, and might even give in to the most demanding tasks. When it comes to mops, specific key features should be given the due consideration.

  • Size

Larger mops can cover and clean a bigger surface area within the shortest time possible. However, the larger the microfiber mop, the harder it is to control in a tight space, such as a narrow hallway or a small studio apartment. We think it’d be wise to choose a mop depending on your usage – opt for either a smaller or larger dimension based on the size of floor to clean.

  • Telescoping Handle

Having to bend over in a bid to mop the floor can be a tall order – and we all hate it with passion. For this reason, we always advise users to consider picking microfiber mops that come with a telescoping handle. And for our taller buddies, we think it would be better to consider units which can be extended to a greater height.

  • Ease of Maneuvering

The best microfiber mop should include a 360-degree swiveling head, which makes it easier to reach difficult places like under furniture. Some mops have the ability to lock the pad into position to only pivot back and forth, while others have a limited swivel head of only 180 degrees. Also, as far as the ease of maneuverability goes, choose a lightweight mop for effortless handling and carrying around.

  • Cleaning Convenience

A lot of microfiber mops can serve as both wet and dry mops, but other pads are exclusively intended for one purpose. Most homeowners prefer the convenience that comes with 2-in-1 pads, but unless you’ve got extra pads on standby, you’ll be required to constantly wash and dry them out before putting them to use again.

If you prefer the wet and dry pads, get multiple refills all set, or opt for flippable pads which are functional on either side. You can remove these pads, wash and reuse them multiple times. Therefore, they’re going to save you on time and money in the long run.

  • Durability

No one likes a bogus microfiber mop that’s going to break down within a short time. To avoid a problem such as this, choose the best microfiber mop featuring a well-thought out design, high-quality material and robust construction. This ensures your microfiber mop can last the longest time possible.

Best Microfiber Mops FAQs

  • What is the best floor mop?

To begin with, virtually all mops we’ve reviewed above are great at what they do. But we think that the Turbo Microfiber Mop really stands out from the rest of them all. Throughout our independent research and tests, we’re convinced that this mop ticks all the boxes in terms of performance. It serves as both a dry and wet mop, and features multiple attachments for cleaning various sections of the house, such as the garage, kitchen, and even walls.

Final Verdict

Buying the best microfiber mop is like saving for retirement. The selection process might seem boring from the start but once you find a sensible option it should pay off in the long run. We’ve tested hundreds of the best microfiber mop pads, and we think that the Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System with Washable Pads  is a practical choice for most people in most homes.

Not only does it double up as a wet and dry mop, but it also comes equipped with two microfiber refills alongside two extra scrubbing pads for deep cleaning. Also, it has a user-friendly design, with a telescoping handle that can extend up to 60 inches to allow for plenty of customization options for taller individuals. Overall, we’re convinced that this microfiber mop will reduce stress and fatigue that comes with mopping.

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