Searching out for dirt from under car seats or between couch cushions using a full-size vacuum can be exhausting and painstaking. Not every vacuum is compact and portable enough to get at small messes and spills in tight spaces like cars and couch cushions. So, which cleaning equipment is small enough to be used conveniently and precisely for small-scale suction cleaning?

The best dustbuster provides the ultimate solution when it comes to keeping small spaces squeaky-clean. Dustbusters are miniature handheld vacuums that can go where bigger vacuums simply can’t. Ideal for cobweb removal, kitchen messes, and getting out dust between narrow spaces, the best handheld dustbuster can turn an all-day cleanup chore into an easy and efficient task.

Having tested more than 50 top rated dustbusters over the past several weeks, we think that the BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster (CHV1410L) is the top rated dust busters for most people. It’s strong enough to pick up common household debris, and the 15-minute fade-free runtime is enough to clean up the interior of a 3-row SUV. In our dustbuster reviews, we explore the best rated dustbuster models in 2020.

1.  BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster (CHV1410L)

7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide

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Black + Decker is one of the most popular appliance brands whose products are widely recognizable globally. Their black+decker dustbuster cordless vacuum, 16v (chv1410l) is the best handheld dustbuster of all time. Weighing in at around two-and-a-half pounds, this small dustbuster is super easy to use for a long period without tiring.

Who Should Get the BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L?

The Black+Decker CHV1410L is a wise choice for property owners searching for the best budget-friendly dustbuster that won’t disappoint. Despite its relatively cheaper price, it doesn’t sacrifice great features and design, and still manages to pick up common household messes effectively. It isn’t a heavy-duty machine, but rather a great problem-solver for small messes and spills that need immediate cleanup.

What We Liked?

The first thing we liked about this best cordless dustbuster is its 16-volt lithium-ion battery that provides up to 15 minutes of strong, fade-free power without fail. This improved lithium-ion battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months without draining. The unit uses the environmentally-friendly Smart Charge Technology and can fully charge in less than 3 hours.

With the Smart Charge tech, the dustbuster takes in about 50% less energy than other similarly-sized handheld vacuum brands from competitors. When plugged in, the device starts to recharge immediately and automatically shuts off after fully charged. This prevents the battery from overcharging thus extending the life of the machine.

The Black+Decker dustbuster chv1410l has a slim nozzle that can rotate 180 degrees for extra utility. It also has a flip-up brush and a pull-out crevice tool for added cleaning power. The flip-up brush is ideal for collecting pet hair on carpet or dusting hard surfaces, while the crevice tool is great for getting into tight spaces where debris normally accumulates.

This portable little dustbuster combines the suction power with cyclonic spinning action to keep dust and debris away from the filter, maintaining strong suction power. It is easy to empty, detach and wash the dirt bowl and filter using warm soapy water. What’s more, the unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty which makes it a safe bet.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

We were somehow disillusioned to know that the 16V CHV1410L is for dry vacuuming only. Liquids can significantly compromise the motor and filter of this machine as it’s designed for easy use on dry spills only. Also, the small dustbowl means emptying the dustbuster after very short intervals of use.

In spite of these concerns, the 16V CHV1410L has adequate power for focused cleaning jobs, and the battery runtime is very reasonable. Even while it won’t compete with bigger dustbusters for industrial messes, it’s still capable of handling cleaning needs for college dorms or small apartments. This dustbuster is a great choice for those of us who have only a little cash to spare.

2.  Shark Rocket HV292

7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide

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Corded dustbusters fall in their own category due to their perceived design limitation. But depending on your cleaning needs, they are ideal for whole-house cleaning over longer periods of time. Most cordless dustbusters can run continuously for about 15 minutes or so, but corded units can exceed this runtime as long as there’s a power supply within reach.

Who Should Get the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Dustbuster? 

If you can contend with the cord and want to clean pet hair effectively, then the Shark Rocket HV292 is meant for you. This lightweight handheld dustbuster comes with a True-Pet Mini-Motorized Brush for agitating and clearing pet hair from several types of floors. With a 15-foot power cord, this little plug-in vacuum provides plenty of maneuverability and better control in tight spaces.

What We Liked?

At only 3.7 pounds, the Shark Rocket HV292 is super lightweight, compact and versatile for cleaning a whole house. It’s the best dustbuster for pet hair, which features the Tue-Pet Motorized Brush designed to clean pet hair in the palm of your hand. This motorized brush accessory can effectively pull up pet hair, loose debris and powerfully deep clean furniture, stairs and car interiors.

The Shark Rocket HV292 never loses suction or power and includes the 15-foot power cord. This relatively long power cord combines with a textured grip to give you a strong hold and plenty of maneuverability. Better still, Shark has shaped this model to fit anywhere around the home without taking much space in your cabinets.

Unlike traditional dustbusters, this one has a large dustbin positioned below the nozzle. This is to provide better control when it comes to reaching in shallow spaces and tight corners. The dust bin is easy to empty with a simple push of a button.

Another unusual thing about this unit is its extended front which attaches the cleaning head. You can easily protract this section with the addition of the extended-reach stretch hose that comes with the unit. Most importantly, it includes a 12-inch crevice tool, pet brush, and dusting brush to help you clean virtually any surface.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The Shark Rocket’s 400-watt motor is very loud, rivaling most dustbusters on our review. But provided you can tolerate the noise, this powerful motor makes toughest messes easy to clean. A lot of dustbuster reviews have lauded the hose attachment, which provides a flexible extension to reach around wall molding and under furniture.

The dusting brush handles more delicate jobs, while the motorized brush tackles pet fur and set-in messes on carpet. Even though the unit lacks a HEPA filter, it includes washable and reusable filters, which means zero maintenance costs. The Shark HV292 is a very safe purchase.

3.  BLACK+DECKER HHVI315JO42 Cordless dusbuster

7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide

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Perhaps you think that any dustbuster will work just fine for vehicular cleaning – wrong! The best dustbuster for car includes certain key features like portability and head tools. Cleaning a car can be awkward and clumsy due to space considerations, so you’ll need ideal tools for cleaning under spaces and between seats.

Who Should Get the BLACK + DECKER HHV1315J042?

If you need to clean up and polish hard-to-reach spots in your car, the BLACK + DECKER HHV1315J042 is great because of its useful tools and extendable hoses. It has strong suction and great runtime, and you can use its longer hose with just one hand. It’s cheaper than the Multi Auto, too!

What We Liked?

The BLACK + DECKER hhvi315jo42 dustbuster cordless lithium hand vacuum is powered by the advanced 1.5 AH lithium-ion battery. It generates strong suction and extended runtime, ideal for picking up loose dirt and debris in your car. It has a wide mouth design for effortlessly scooping up large debris laced between vehicle seats.

This unit uses the cyclonic action to prevent the debris from reaching the filter, keeping the filter clean and maintaining strong suction. This little vacuum is no sucker when it comes to performance and utility. It comes with a push-in crevice tool which gives access to hard-to-reach areas of your car, and a push-in soft brush for dusting and vacuuming upholstery and dashboard.

At only 2.11 pounds, it’s quite light and reasonably sized for ease of cleaning inside a car’s cramped space. The washable dustbowl has a 31.8oz capacity, making it sufficient to collect 50% more debris than the HNV220BCZ01 before it needs to be emptied. The included wall mount offers a versatile storage solution.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers 

Most online reviews of this dustbuster are overwhelmingly positive, but some users complain about the battery not holding charge quite well. Some reviewers say it stays on hold for a mere 2 minutes, and we think that the problem is either overcharging or not charging as per the directions provided. It’s bad to keep the vacuum continuously plugged in.

For this vacuum, you need to charge for 3-6 hours after use and unplug it. Overall, this is the best dustbuster for car owners who need a powerful unit with great suction. The HHV1315J042 is the best value pick when it comes to great performance, accessories and general utility.

4.  Dyson V7 Car+Boat Cord-Free Handheld Cleaner

7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide

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If price isn’t your top issue and you need the strongest handheld vacuum, there’s the Dyson V7. Dyson manufactures very powerful vacuums in general, but this one is possibly the best overall dustbuster on the market. It comes with attachments that can clean almost anywhere in your home and car.

Who Should Get the Dyson V7?

The strength the Dyson V7 provides is beyond anything we’ve tested so far, and is ideal for anyone searching for a unit that can suck up virtually anything imaginable: dirt, debris, screws, food crumbs, you name it. It also provides a staggering 30-minute battery life, enough to exhaustively clean the interior of a large van. Although it’s wicked expensive, it’s a great performer in equal measure.

What We Liked?

Being the most powerful handheld vacuum, the Dyson V7 is powered by Dyson digital V7 motor. It generates more than 100 Air Watts of fade-free suction power for up to 30 minutes, enough to suck up virtually anything you can think of. Fade-free lithium-ion batteries keep suction strong from start to finish.

The vacuum comes with hygienic dirt ejector which drives out collected dust and debris in one quick action. This means one cannot touch the dirt at any given point. And with cord-free convenience, you can clean awkward places in and out of your home with utmost simplicity.

The Dyson V7 also doubles up as best dustbuster for dog hair. It features a mini-motorized tool for digging out pet hair and ground-in dirt. The extension hose creates extra flexibility for cleaning hard-to-reach spots of your car or boat. Also available is the combination tool whose function is to dust on car dashboards and reach in crevices throughout the car.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The Dyson V7 is the most expensive of all dustbusters we’ve tested. However, it’s worth the price since it’s an extremely powerful and versatile dustbuster that money can buy. The Dyson V7 has the strongest suction of all cordless handheld vacuums, and comes with extra tools for tough tasks.

It also has a washable and reusable filter which cuts on maintenance costs in the long run. If you want to clean up your vehicle on the move, the vacuum connects to a regular 12-Volt accessory socket. Most importantly, Dyson offers a free 2-year warranty covering parts and labor.

5.  BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless (BDH2000L)

7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide

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The BLACK + DECKER BDH2000L is one of the strongest yet affordable models we’ve tested. It performs better than comparable models when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning. With a distinctive pivoting nozzle and powerful suction, it makes carpet and upholstery cleaning a breeze.

Who Should Get the BLACK + DECKER BDH2000L? 

If you want to tidy up carpet and upholstery around the home or in the car, the BLACK + DECKER BDH2000L would do the job nicely. In our tests, it reliably sucked up most types of debris – and is strong enough to pick up pet hair without any special tool. From Amazon’s best dustbuster reviews, many reviewers agree that the BDH2000L generates impressive suction.

What We Liked? 

Unlike traditional handheld dustbusters, the BDH2000L has a slim rotating nozzle which allows it to move up or down and fit even the tightest of spots. This nozzle excels at cleaning between couch cushions and around the car seats. You can rotate the nozzle mid-operation without affecting suction level, thanks to the triple-layer cyclonic system that keeps the debris off the filter to maintain long-lasting suction power.

This unit comes with a couple of in-built tools, including a crevice tool and flip-up brush for cleaning dust, pet hair and crumbs. Even though this vacuum doesn’t come with a purpose-built motorized brush roll or pet-hair tool, it still works fine at sucking up dog fur – without either of them. The vacuum’s filter is washable, and regular cleaning is vital to maintain its suction.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers 

At 83 decibel, the BLACK + DECKER BDH2000L is one of the louder dustbusters we’ve tested. But this is acceptable considering the strong suction it provides. It peaks at 550 Hz frequency, which shouldn’t be bothersome to most users.

Although the vacuum doesn’t come with attachments for pet hair removal, it can still successfully pick up clingy fur from upholstery. The job will probably take longer, but it’ll eventually get done with a few more passes. For a model at this price, it ticks most boxes, and is a good purchase.

6.  Shark WV201 WANDVAC

7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shark is a household name in the vacuum cleaner space. And it makes sense that the Shark WV201 WANDVAC is on the list. It provides extraordinary power for everyday mess.

Who Should Get the Shark WV201 WANDVAC? 

What do you do when you want to clean up multiple surfaces? Simply get the best dust buster for cleaning multiple floors, including hardwood, laminate, carpet, and more. The Shark WV201 WANDVAC is among the best multi-surface dustbusters for cleaning a variety of floors in the home.

What We Liked? 

The Shark WV201 WANDVAC weighs only 1.4 pounds and packs exceptional suction power to take on everyday messes. It’s easy to lift or carry it across different surfaces, ensuring heightened maneuverability and pure Shark performance. Not only is it compact and powerful, but also highly versatile.

It includes One-Touch debris emptying, allowing you to empty the debris with the single press of a button without getting your hands dirty. It also includes the duster crevice tool for cleaning in cramped spaces in cars, crevices and corners. The multi-surface pet tool easily handles pet hair as well as tough surfaces like carpets and upholstery.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

We, including some online dustbuster reviews, agree that the included brush attachment is very thin and only goes about 3 out of 4 sides on the want. This defeats the actual purpose of a brush attachment. Also, the dustbuster emits high-pitched and whiny sound, peaking at around 93-95 decibels.

Aside from the flaws, this lightweight handheld vacuum has a good design and great suction. The super easy charging station is great, taking only 2.5 hours to fully charge. This practical hand vac makes your life easier!

7.  Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Lithium-Ion (LV801) Handheld Vacuum

7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide7 Best Dustbusters in 2020 — Reviews & Buying Guide

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Rounding up our dustbuster reviews is the Shark Pet-Perfect Cordless Li-Ion Handheld Vacuum model LV801. It’s the most versatile handheld vacuum whose Twister Suction Technology delivers impressive and consistent suction for cleaning hard floor, carpet, cars, etc. It also doubles up as best dustbuster for pet hair.

Who Should Get the Shark LV801?

The LV801 is specially designed for busy homes with pets. This cordless device is incredibly powerful and can take on all sorts of debris. Using the Twister Suction Technology, it’s able to deliver consistent suction power for cutting through a wide range of debris, including pet hair, fine dirt, and larger particles.

What We Liked?

At only 2.48 pounds, the LV801 is downright lightweight and portable. You can easily transport it from room to room, or use it to vacuum your home, RV, car, and boat. It has a direct suction option for simple cleaning on any surface.

The vacuum comes standard with a detachable motorized pet brush for removing ground-in dirt and pet hair from car mats, upholstery, carpets, and more. There’s also the crevice tool which helps you get into hard-to-reach areas, and the motorized brush for tackling all kinds of embedded messes on any surface. The Lithium-Ion battery offers extended runtime and long battery life.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

The LV801 has a decent suction but the charge lasts for only 15 minutes or less. This minimal runtime may not be sufficient to clean up a 3-row SUV without re-plugging. All in all, the suction is pretty strong and consistent, and you’ll find no trouble dealing with all kinds of dirt and debris.

The pet hair attachment easily gets rid of the dog hair on the couch and within carpet fibers. The dust canister and filer are easy to detach and clean. What’s more, the vacuum has a charge indicator showing when the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharging.

Best Dustbuster - Buying Guide

There are important considerations to make when choosing the best dust buster. Often, specs and features vary widely from one dustbuster to the other. Check out for the following key aspects when shopping for the right dustbuster that meets your needs.

  • Suction Power

Check the voltage on the unit to ensure you’re getting sufficient power to meet your cleaning requirements. One of the most common metrics of measuring power is air watts. More air watts is equivalent to higher suction power, and the unit is ideal for frequently vacuuming up small chunks of dirt, gravel, and even nails.

  • Dust Capacity

If you intend to use your dustbuster regularly, look for one with a large dust bin capacity of at least 15oz. This type of dustbuster can collect messes of all sizes. But if you use your dustbuster less frequently, choose a smaller or lighter model with minimal dust bin capacity. Not all manufacturers post their dust bin volume, but as a rule of thumb, larger dustbusters have bigger dust bin capacities.

  • Weight & Portability

The weight and portability of the dustbuster determines whether or not it is compatible with your needs. Dustbusters come in different sizes, weighing anywhere between one and four pounds. Holding a bulky dustbuster over your head for several minutes to remove cobwebs on ceilings can be quite a chore. Therefore, choose a lightweight yet powerful dustbuster for your lifestyle and cleaning habits.

  • Pet Hair Removal

Another feature to consider is whether the dustbuster has specialized tools for cleaning pet hair effectively. If you have a pet, get the best dustbuster for pet hair and messes. Often, dustbusters designed for pets typically come with brushes or accessories for picking up pet hair without harming your hard floor or carpet. You can omit a product with these specialized tools if you don’t have a pet.

  • Type of Filter

There are several types of filters including a washable filter, metallic filter, paper filter and mounted screen. Each of these filters has unique advantages and limitations. A machine with a stainless steel removable filter provides a superior clean. By comparison, washable filters are also impressive, followed closely by paper then mounted screen.

  • Runtime & Charge Time

For those who fancy cordless dustbusters, the best cordless dustbuster can run for up to 30 minutes on a single charge. Most of the modern cordless units have Li-Ion batteries which can hold power and suction for longer time without fading. Dustbusters which provide less than 10 minutes of runtime are considered poor.

Depending on which model you choose, your dustbuster can take 3-5 hours to fully charge. The more expensive and powerful models may take even longer, but they offer exceptional runtime. Unlike cordless dustbusters, corded options keep going as long as you’ve got a power supply.

  • Attachments

The best rated dustbuster often comes with many attachments for specialized cleaning. These accessories may include the crevice brushes, pet tools, multi-tools and more. The type of accessories you choose will depend upon how you want to use the unit to clean your home.

Make sure the dustbuster comes with extra accessories you need to complete your cleaning. Some models even come with storage hooks and extra filters. Every dustbuster out there features a unique combination of extras, so look out for the most fundamental extras before you order the unit.

  • Storage

It’s necessary to store a dustbuster properly. If your product includes several accessories, make sure to store everything together to avoid losing any components. For a more secure storage, go for modern dustbusters with accessory bags or wall ports.

Accessory bags provide for a secure storage of all the accessories in one place. You should fit the bag on the dustbuster for trouble-free storage of everything in a closet. Wall storage ports and hooks allow for storage of everything on wall space and within reach.

Final Verdict

The best handheld dustbusters can be useful pieces of equipment for busy homes. Choosing the best dustbuster is all about weighing several factors like suction power, features and accessories. Our selections represent the best units on the market today with highly engineered suction power and modern features.

All of the dustbusters we’ve unveiled are well-rounded, durable and their cleaning prowess cannot be beat. However, in terms of functionality and performance, we can throw our weight behind the BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster (CHV1410L). This is our best overall handheld dustbuster with state-of-the-art features at an affordable price-tag.